Purdom Forest Park (Xinyang)- Alice Jungle Wonderland

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Purdom Forest Park is China's largest Taxodium Forest Park, less than 30 kilometers away from Xinyang City. Purdom Forest Park was established to commemorate the British forest scientist William. 

The Taxodium and Metasequoia can be called stunning in Purdom Forest Park. It was summer when I went there, and the Taxodium straight, blotting out the sun, the heat completely isolated from the outside of the canopy, for the protection of vegetation, forward to enjoy Taxodium along the wooden plank. 

In addition Taxodium, there are also some Metasequoia in the park, as well as bamboo, ginkgo. 

Travel Tips in Purdom Forest Park:
1 Tickets 60 RMB / person, Jigongshan scenic coupon ticket for 120 yuan;
2 Suggested go there early in the morning, few people, with fresh air;
3 there are mosquitoes in the park, it is recommended to bring along insect repellent;
4 Bring your own drinking water, do not anywhere out the trash;
5 There is a rest point for eating lunch in the park, the price is still affordable;
6 It is worth to slow down and enjoy the view.

Stroll in the Taxodium, seems like in the wonderland.  The trails in the Purdom Forest Park, with lush vegetation and few visitors

There are long plank roads in most places of the park, which is to protect the vegetation in the park. 

This is absolute a quiet place, and even many locals don’t know about it.

There is faint misty jungle if go early. 

Hear the name of the park, many people thought it is not a forest park in China, but in fact, it is in Xinyang, Henan. 

Just like the Alice’s Wonderland 

Winding path

The Purdom Forest Park climate is very humid, so can always find some cute little plants.

Reflection in the water

Look at the distant jungle, don’t you there is no point feeling of Alice in Wonderland.

What would I find if go from here?

Long wooden drawbridge, went up swinging.

In summer, the plants and flowers can be seen everywhere in the park.

Metasequoia, straight, accompanied with water.

There was quiet in the park, I didn’t see any other ones in the park.

There are bamboo and bamboo shoots deep in the park.

Here is a rest stop.  Note, please bring your own mosquito water. 

A path shaded by bamboo forest, tourists still scarce. 

The most common wildflowers

There are many beautiful trails like this in the Forest Park. But remember to road.

Greenery, and accompanied by flowers, maybe Alice have visited here some time ago, but there’s nobody know. 

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