Encounter the Cloud Steaming Fog around Jiugongshan Nature Scenic Spot

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Jiugongshan nature scenic spot is located in the Tongshan county of Hubei Province. The altitude is 1,657 meters, which is the peak mountain of Mufushan, and it covers an area of 210 square kilometers, it is the state-level scenic spots and the National Nature Reserve; with state-level key heritage conservation unit–King Chuang’s tomb (Tomb of Li Zicheng). 
Jiugongshan is of the delicate as southern mountains, but also has the features of northern ridge mountains: grand, dangerous, extraordinary, quiet and elegant, it is also famous as the "nine Tianxian mountains", which is divided into five major resorts: Cloud Lake Resort, Deep Forest Resort , Wuchutian Resort, Dragon Pool Resort and the foot of mountain Resort.

King Chuang’s tomb: Located on the moon mountain of Jiugongshan, which is the Gaohu village of Tongshan country, the tomb covers an area of 200 acres, only 3 kilometers away from the protected areas, and the main building are Gatehouse, Tomb and the Pavilion.
Zhenjun Stone Temple: Located at the top of Phoenix Hill in the Cloud Lake, face to Xianglu Mountain, it has existed for more than 780 years, and also the o­nly preserved ancient architecture of Jiugong, it had been named by six emperor, the body of famous Tao Zhang Daoqing was preserved here for 680 years but not rot, but was destroyed in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.
Stone Dragon Ditch: which located in north of Jiugongshan with 7 kilometers long, is one of the major scenic spot of Jiugongshan Scenic Spots, it’s composed by more than 10,000 stone steps. It is also a primeval forest zone, divided to top and bottom parts, and was well-known as "The treasure of Jiugongshan".

Every half an hour per bus from Wuchang Hongji station of Wuhan to Tongshan country, the fee is about RMB 30; two shifts from Xinhua Hankou Road long-distance bus station to Tongshan country everyday (07:30 and 12:30), about 3-4 hours from Wuhan to Jiugongshan; every half an hour per shuttle bus from Tongshan country to Jiugongshan, more than o­ne hour journey, the fee is about RMB 25.

Jiugongshan Nature Scenic Spot Fee and opening hours
The ticket for entrance gate: 50 Yuan (75 Yuan in midseason), Stone Dragon Ditch: 20 Yuan, Tonggu bao: 10 Yuan, the ancient Temple of Yunguan: 20 Yuan, Zhenjun Stone Temple: 5 Yuan, Forest Park: 20 Yuan

1. Most of the rest areas of southern express ways without gas stations but only restaurants, there may be out of service for some small gas stations.
2. No more than 1 hour for continuous driving, the speed should 20-30km/h slower than normal, which is relatively safe, and convenient for family scenery views.
3. Take the meals in those small or old and famous shops with local characteristics; enjoy the original local flavor there. Go to the local farmer's market, where you can buy not only affordable things, but also can impress you the local customs and the public profile.
4. No need to bring a lot of clothes, but must be complete and with different features –which can adapt to the season and convenient for photograph shooting.
5. Road choices: Go through by the national roads, the construction status of the national roads are pretty good now, and you may encounter some villages and towns with unique characteristics, and can know more local and special customs which we seldom feel, and there are various special goods o­n the roadside. 

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