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Dengfeng Huishan Temple, July 2012 

Tips: Huishan Temple is about three miles north of Dengfeng, under the Jicui Peak, Songshan Mountain. It was evidently an imperial palace during the North Wei Dynasty and converted to use as a temple during the Sui Dynasty, in 600 AD. 

This trip to Dengfeng, I witnessed the Shaolin Kung Fu, which is really funny.

When I came to Huishan Temple, there happened to be a group of little disciples practice, all of them equipped with special skills, agility, indeed, I was shocked.

The copper head and iron arm.

They know how to be independent strong and sustained when most of ohter children of the same age are still immersed in the various doting.

People don’t know how much sweat and tears they bear even if they seemingly all-conquering reinforced steel frame.

The boys were concentrating on the martial arts practicing. We applauded and cheered for them, but they still concentrate on martial arts.

Martial arts practice not only physically, but more importantly is the nature of mind. Small body the with a powerful mind, strong and brave.  


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