Longjiang, the Chaoshan Town of “Buns Festival”

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I came just as Hungry Ghost Festival, and made a trip to a small town in the Chaozhou-Shantou area, Longjiang Town. 

Although it is just a small town, there are living lots of people. It is also an important farm commercial center in the Chaozhou-Shantou area, which is very bustling during the holidays and festivals. And this time, I saw this region’s unique “buns Festival”. 

It is said that the origin of this buns Festival began from the past crop failure, when hungry people everywhere, so some rich families do good disaster relief, who would own expense to make steamed buns and distributed to victims, over time it evolved to become a local custom and has been handed down as a unique festival. Now less hungry, but customs are still there, and it is still contracted by locals who have the financial resources, but the purpose is not disaster relief, but distribution blessing, the Chaoshan people like to seek good luck, and try to steal the buns is to grab the blessing themselves. 

May be it is so-called festivals and customs. The real is the heart of the Chaoshan people to continue to pursuit of happiness joy. This is one of the reasons why the people of the region maintain a permanent vitality, in particular, can create wealth. 

These baskets of buns were ready ~, in fact, throwing buns lasted for about 30 minutes. You can imagine how many buns they threw.

There were some people worship with these buns, after all, it was the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Baskets of buns were carried onto the second floor, ready to pour.


Some people simply were throwing at other people. As I had been taking pictures, no time to dodge, and was smashed several times.

The children gathered to wait for early. 

What happened to this boy, why he stared at me so unhappy!

The little girl was very seriously.

Hey, this uncle, you foul it, how can take an umbrella like this! 

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