Real Shot the First Museum in the Minority Areas

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Inner Mongolia Museum, located in the center of the regional capital of Hohhot, was founded on May 1, 1957, and is the only national-level Museum of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as well as the oldest museum of the national minority areas.

The style of Inner Mongolia Museum Hall Building is rather chic, with strong ethnic characteristics. There is a plastic horse on the roof, standing the good luck of Inner Mongolia. The building has been one of the landmarks of the capital of the autonomous since the completion date. 

Inner Mongolia Museum is located in the interchange between Xinhua Street and Zhongshan Road in Hohhot, with 15,000 square meters of construction area and 7,000 square meters of exhibition area. It is an important “inn” for domestic and foreign tourists who travel to Inner Mongolia, a taste of the history of Inner Mongolia grassland culture.

Inner Mongolia Museum plays an important role in promoting cultural undertakings in Inner Mongolia and the development of the local tourism with its unique cultural taste, national characteristics and regional characteristics.

There is a horse gallop on the roof, which is a symbol of good luck of Inner Mongolia, and is one of the landmarks of the capital of the autonomous.

There is a tripod in the Museum Square, which is made of bronze, with exquisite pattern on the body.

The museum has collected as many as 10 million pieces (sets) collectibles. Collections of across age fossils specimens are much more completely. There are a variety of cultural relics of ancient northern nomadic, allows visitors to fully understand the character and charm of the ancient steppe culture. Mongolian collections rank first in the National Museum, reflecting the artifacts of the modern revolutionary history in Inner Mongolia, is another feature of the Museum collection.

The Museum collected the ancient Chinese relics of the northern steppe nomads such as the Huns, East Hu, Xianbei, Turks, Khitan, Jurchen, Mongolia. 

The Mongolian collection is the first of the national relics in the national Museum.

Museum open all year round, includes four parts: Inner Mongolia biological exhibition, Inner Mongolia relic’s exhibition, Inner Mongolia modern artifacts exhibition, and Inner Mongolia folk artifacts exhibition.

Inner Mongolia's national culture rich and makes contribution to mankind cultural, Inner Mongolia Museum will not only spread the rich culture of Inner Mongolia to the world, but also to strengthen the international exchange, as well as expand and strengthen the influence of Chinese culture on the international.

Travel Tips
Tickets: Free
Address: northwest side the Interchange of Hohhot East Second Ring Road and Xinhua Street 
Opening hours: off-season 9:30 to 17:00, peak season 9:00 to 5:30 pm, Monday, Sunday closed 
Access: take the 1, 5, 13, 21, 22, 24, 34, 303 Bus from Hohhot Railway Station; or transfer the sightseeing bus in Xinhua Square to the Inner Mongolia Museum.
Time: July 12, 2012
Location: Inner Mongolia Museum, Hohhot

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