Sichuan Gulin - Comfortable Taiping Town

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Taiping Town is located in the east of Gulin County, 35 km away from Gulin. Taiping is located in the confluence between Gulin River and the Chishui River. The whole territory is that the southeast part is higher than northwest, and is deep mound valley landforms. Taiping is surrounded by water and mountains, the street was stepped distribution, has long been the gathering place for Sichuan - Guizhou business travel, and known as the “little mountain town”.

Old Taiping streets are made of hundreds of stone staircase from the mountain down to the river, shop stalls divided on both sides. The towers and wooden houses huts are mostly built in the end Qing and early Republican. After the Red Army, the street was renamed the Long March Street. There is a Red Army Site 87, and visitors can see the Red Army logo everywhere.

In fact, the half new Taiping town is very quiet. It is not so famous as the South Xitang, Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen etc. 

Travel Tips:
1 To Gulin, visitors can direct fly to Luzhou first, and then take the bus there.
2 There are highway in Chongqing and Chengdu, it is convenient by car.
3 Car Rental is very convenient, off-road vehicles 250 yuan / day, with a driver.
4 The best visiting time is from April to November, the climate is cool and pleasant, the average daily temperature is about 22 degrees, like the natural summer resort and forest oxygen bar.
5 Each attraction has a small hotel, providing hot water the whole day, very clean, and the price is reasonable.
6 It is the paradise of various chilies, spicy and fragrant but not chokes.
7 Remember to bring a long coat, water repellent, umbrella.

1 The first lunar month playing lantern. The Taiping lantern is identified as the form of the outstanding cultural performances by the Ministry of Culture. 
2 From the first day to the tenth of the first lunar month, there is fair trade for all the villages in Miao nationality. 
3 Dragon Boat Races
4 playing drums
5 singing Yi love songs
6 The Miao nationality style costumes Festival, held in August and September.

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