Mingsha Mountian and Yueya Spring: Beautiful Scenery in Desert

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In China, there are a lot of Mountains called Mingsha. But the most famous and representative one is located in Dunhuang, Gansu province because of its culture and scenery reason.

The first stop I came to Dunhuang was Yueya Spring in Mingsha Mountain. For most of the people live in city, to some extent, the desert feeling came from the novels. So I’ve got the feeling of Mysterious, amazed and a little bit scared about desert. (Ming sha Yueya Spring Scenery Area is really mature scenery, ticket: 120RMB for hot season, 80RMB for low season)

The gate

Having entered the gate, I took the picture back and began the beautiful itinerary.

Not having started the tour, a glider roaring overhead. It’s a tourism project in scenery, which had several flight routes. It cost you several hundred Yuan.

A huge stone wrote (Mingsha Mountain). We started the tour from here.
As famous and mature scenery, there were a flock of camels carrying the visitors walking through different mountains in Mingsha Mt. Yueya Spring. As if we saw the business travelers. Facing the rolling mountain, I didn’t feel lonely and scared, but excited, because I wanted to walk along the ancient people’s footprints, to pursue the Silk Road.

We rode on the camel, starting our trip here.

Camel is a gentle animal.
In break time, they liked lying on the ground, as good as gold.

Look at their knees!

Poor guy, the nose was plugged in a stick. What a pity!

We went to Sha Hill with riding on camel, enjoying the beautiful view.

Cost: 80 Yuan for riding on camel, sand shoes for 20 Yuan, Route: climbing up Sha Hill at your own expensive: 15 Yuan

There’s no road in desert. Even if more people would come, it could not become road. The camels and people’s footprints would disappear in a short time. And they will be covered by new footprints. It’s the power of nature

On the way, we met the return camel flock.
There is such a sport utility vehicle, stuck the flag in the desert, so exciting.

It’s also an activity in scenery.

We saw four gliders in the sky.
Camels walked slowly on the desert. It jolted a lot when riding on it, not easy to take photos

It must be really exciting.

We heard about that it’s not easy to walk in the desert. The more strength you gave, the easier you would sank. Usually you went forward 3 paces but back 2 paces. You felt exhausted easily. (So a ladder was made here to give convenience to customers. It saved time and powers a lot.)

The ladder

Looked from the peak, the ladder was really long.

These boards were used to sand sliding. It belonged to the slow sand sliding.

Another faster way of sand sliding was sitting on a inflatable pad. And it had the special channel. Of course the price was higher.

On the Peak of Sha Mountain, we saw a really wide and broad view. What a shocking scenery view! That’s the reason why so many travelers come to pay a visit.

Other camels were having a rest. But this one was looking at a remote place. I’ve got no idea what it was thinking about.

On our way to Yueya Spring, we passed a sunflower field.
In the hot and dry desert, green made me excited.

A close picture to sunflower

What a shock! Yueya Spring appeared suddenly. It’s a great thing to see a beautiful spring in such a desert.

Yueya Spring was called “The First Spring in Desert”. The ancient literati were amazed at this Spring.

The vegetation deterioration and the soil erosion resulted in an extremely decline in the ground water of Dunhuang. It made the Yueya Spring lack of Water, even there was a time all the Yueya Spring became fully dry. The good news was that in the past several years, Dunhuang city supplied Yueya Spring for water in variety ways, which made it became the how it looks like today.

The pavilion on the Yueya Spring

Climb up to have a better view.
An essay about Ming Sha Mountain.
The Sand Hill behind Yueya Mountaion
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