Chengdu is the Centre of food and leisure

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I rarely introduced a city to friends as a tourist destination so strongly. After returning from Chengdu, I found that the food there is tempting and I am not satisfied even a week. Hot pot, barbecue, buck, bean jelly, Niangpi, Sandapao, Long Chao Shou, everything you imagine. Jinli, Qintai Road, Chun Xi Road, Kuan Zhai alley, Yanshikou, Wenshu Temple, where we went and had delicious food. It turned out that my friend, who I recommended to spend time in Chengdu came back after the National Day, come to love Chengdu. In addition to attracted by the beautiful scenery, laid-back pace of life, the food is certainly the most important part.

So, let me recommend the delicious food in Chengdu.
The famous place-- “Kuan Zhai alley”.

The attractive “Most Chengdu”

It looks delicious!

You can have the famous snack in Kuan Zhai alley.

Jinli--- focus on the color, aroma and taste of different sancks

Jinli--- Sad Bean Jelly

You may feel very sad when you eat it---be worthy of the name

Jinli—Different local flavors

If you cannot tolerate pungency, it is a better choice to eat together with Guiling Jelly.

Jinli—Different barbecue

Some bows of Tofu and bean jelly.

Let us have it!

This is the Spring Roll and Broth Powder.

Strongly recommend--- Longsenyuan Hotpot Restaurant
The food is exquisite and delicious, about 100 Yuan/ person. 

The hotpot in Longsenyuan is exquisite.
And I have eaten it two days.
You should eat Tutou in Chengdu, it is 5 Yuan. And the taste is spicy and multi-flavor. I recommend you to eat spicy one.

Heshi Barbecue - Roast Meat

Heshi Barbecue - Fruit Sago

There is rare light food in Chengdu!

Gouhun Noodles—very attractive name!

Guess which one is Gouhun Noodles? The left one? Or the right one?
Many people may think the left one is, but actually the left is Red-oil Noodles, the right one is Gouhun Noodles!

Strongly recommend--- KongLiang Hotpot!
In fact, it is Chongqing hot pot, you may feel tempting!

Delicious roast fish!
The above photos are just a little about food in Chengdu, if you want to eat more, just go to Chengdu quickly.

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