No.1 Splendid Pass in the World

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Jiayuguan is located in 5 kilometers to west of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province. It’s the dominator of western Great wall in Ming Dynasty and the first pass in Hexi since ancient time. And also it is the traffic fort of “ancient silk road”. Jiayuguan is famous for its strategy location and majestic spectacle, known as “the first impregnable pass”. And echo with “the first pass”—ShanHaiGuan thousand miles away, enjoy high popularities in the world.

The southwest corner of Jiayuguan—Qilian Snow Mountain, which makes people feel fantastic.

[Tour Arrangements]:Visiting Jiayuguan and visiting Dunhuang have close relationship. People who have self-driving tour will start from Lanzhou, and along Hexi Corridor, and then drive to Dunhuang via Zhangye and Jiuquan. You can even choose to drive to Xinjiang, visit Jiayuguan and Qiyi Glacier during the journey. You will first visit Dunhuang in group tour. After visit all the scenery spot in Dunhuang, you can take 6 hours to drive to Jiayuguan and buy some fruit on the way which are very cheap. After this journey, you will be sent to the train station in Jiayuguan by the agency.

The following photos are ordered by the sequence of visiting:

“The first impregnable pass-- Jiayuguan”—inscribed by master- Zhao Puchu

The plaque—“The first impregnable pass”

Ming Great Wall

You should not look down upon these walls, actually they are very strong.

Let us come to the pass.

The plaque of “the first impregnable pass” is also inscribed by Master Zhao Puchu.

Jiayuguan is all in yellow except the blue sky.

Mottled Ming Great Wall

This is an ancient stage, which is built by the Daishenyi, the guerrilla general of Jiayuguan in Qing Dynasty. The stage is also the public place of entertainment of the officers, citizens and merchant. The top is the eight diagrams.

The two sides of the stage are all murals. There are monks and nuns in it. These murals are rare.

After more than six hundreds years, although the wall is spalling, most parts are completed. The loess which used to build the wall are carefully selected and basked by the hot sun.

You can climb on the gate tower, view the Qilian Snow Mountain, you will be shocked by the scenery.

You can see the scenery outside the Citywall.

There are turrets in the Jiayuguan, also called “The tower”. It is the place where soldiers on duty in the past and just like a pillbox.

“Guanghua Building”, “Rouyuan Building” and “Jiayuguan Building” are all on the same axis.

This style of building is the smriti of Chinese building history and style.

The exquisite corner of gate tower.

There is drum performance in the fixed time. Watching on the gate tower, you may just feel like travel through time.

You can feel the atmosphere of peace.

Do not look down upon this mud. Actually they are made by wisdom ancient.
Look at the craftsmanship and the details of the buildings, you may admire our ancient.

I forgot which direction of this door, I just took photo of it.

Look back to the pass, then return to the train station.

Hope you like these pictures.

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