The Mogao Grottoes: Priceless Treasure in China

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The Mogao Grottoes, known as the Thousand--Buddha Caves, is honored as the most valuable cultural discovery in 20th century, "Oriental Louvre". It is famous for exquisite murals and sculptures. Walking into the Mogao Grottoes is everyone’s dream on the earth; you can witness the bright culture of the Chinese nation, and review the heavy history in that period.
Speaking of the Mogao Grottoes, you will surely mention Wang Yuanlu. He was just a Taoist priest, but dominated a cultural treasure. We will take  this Mogao Grottoes tour which starts from his Taoist Tower.

Research Exhibition Centre for Conservation of Dunhuang Grottoes

The tower far away may be disciples and his followers.

These Taoist Towers are far smaller than Wang Yuanlu’s tower (first photo), because Wang’s effect is too great.
Regarding the merits of Wang, we should view from different aspects; he tried his best to save these treasures, but no one pay attention to him. The dissolute and indifference of Qing governments led the loss of the treasure.

Walking through these Taoist Towers, you can see a bridge.
Passing by this bridge, you have really entered the Mogao Grottoes and you may feel excited.

Stand on the bridge and look right.
There is no water in the river and you may feel desolateness.

However, the Mogao Grottoes is surviving until now in such desolate environment.
Stand on the bridge and look left:
If there is water or not, the bridge is still here, direct to the Mogao Grottoes.

Stand on the bridge and look forward: exquisite memorial archway and large number of people.

Words write on the memorial archway, called “Stone Chamber Treasure”.
And also there is a plaque hanging on the eave, which is “Mogao Grottoes”.

Finally, I arrived at the Mogao Grottoes.

Flying Apsaras
There is a statue of Apsaras goddess under the tree of memorial archway.
“Flying Apsaras” is one of the sign that people come to know Dunhuang.

Do you see the small memorial archway far away? That is one sign of Mogao Grottoes which you can see in many photos.

Mogao Grottoes
Many people take photos here, the name of “Mogao Grottoes” is inscribed by the libertine—Guo Moruo.
How exquisite the memorial archway is.
The people in the picture are visiting the grottoes follow with guide.

While a large number of people left away, I took this picture at once.

The door in the picture is the entrance to each grotto and the tourists who go to Mogao Grottoes will visit 10 grottoes lead by guide.
In order to protect cultural relic, taking photos is forbidden in grotto.

The foreign tourists commented that the Mogao Grottoes is the longest, largest and most abundant corridor in the world. That’s the truth.

In such an environment, everyone will be filled with deep esteem. This is the treasure the ancestor left us, it should be well-protected and leave to our descendants.

This is the landmark grotto of Mogao Grottoes and one of the must-see attractions.

There is a sitting Buddha inside, which has the same height of grotto.

There was a preparation for exhibition of an activity when we went there.

Many caves have been exposed for various reasons.

So, the Mogao Grottoes is becoming smaller now.

After visiting, we returned back, went out of memorial archway and to the parking lot.
I am proud of these culture treasures in motherland, and hope they can be handed down to the descendants.

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