Jiuzhaigou is The Paradise on the earth

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Jiuzhaigou is located in Jiuzhaigou county, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province. It has the altitude of more than 2000 meters. There are 108 lakes in Jiuzhaigou. It has the reputation of “Fair tales”

Feeling of visiting:

1. Nowadays most customers will travel within one day due to the one ticket for twice entering rule has been canceled and the relatively high price (220RMB for ticket and 90 RMB for the car transfer fee, total 310RMB)

2. It’s necessary to take the car transfer in it. Jiuzhaigou is too big with a distance of 60 Kilometers long. It takes half an hour from Shuzhenggou to Rizegou by car.

3. There is no need to introduce the accommodation. For most ordinary travelers, I think one day is enough to enjoy all the views in Jiuzhaigou. You can stay two days if you have the photographic need.

4. From the opinions from majority of visitors, the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is in autumn. It is around the “Golden week” in October. You can choose to pay a visit after the “Golden week”, less people this period. As the official saying goes: “Four seasons in Jiuzhaigou, flowers and grass in Spring, river and waterfall in Summer, red leaves in Autumn and white snow in Winter”. Certainly, it is absolutely correct description to Jiuzhaigou.

5. The altitude sickness Jiuzhaigou is located on the altitude of more than 2000 meters. This height is acceptable for most people. In addition, pay attention to have rest, adjust your breath, walk slowly, drink more water and eat fruit can reduce plateau symptoms.

The following is my Jiuzhaigou One Day Tour Itienrary:

Here is the Jiuzhaigou Sketch map for you

One day tour itinerary summary

It’s 7:00 on the morning, we got on the car and transferred to Rizegou. The final stop was Original Forest. But personally it’s not worth visiting. First, it’s hard to say whether it’s forest or not. Second, the forest was really not original. Third, we should focus on water not forest. Spending half an hour on watching forest was extremely wasting time. Actually there’s nothing to see. So it’s recommended getting off the bus at Swan Sea, and visiting along the boardwalk area, until the service center which is the junction of the three channels.

Having rest and lunch in service center, we got on the car again and transferred to Zechawagou’s ending: Changhai. And then we paid a visit to Wucai Poor, back to Service Center by car.

If this time you still have enough time and energy, you can pay a visit to Xiniuhaizhu or pick up some sceneries you like. At last the car would park at the place where went up to the hill.

It is recommended to focus on Rizegou. Most of best views locate there. And it’s the beginning time. The visitors have the best situation. When traveling Shuzhenggou in the afternoon. You will feel a little bit tired.

The following pictures were taken in August


Here is a slogan from jiuzhaigou:
“We only have one Jiuzhaigou, please cherish it!”


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