Suggestions for Traveling in Beijing 4 Days Tour

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The first day trip
The specific route

Arrive in Beijing in the afternoon--- Sambo Courtyard Beijing Youth Hotel (behind Rear Sea) ---Visit the front gate of Da Shi Lan--- Tiananmen Square(lower flag) --- the front gate of Quanjude(dinner) ---return to the hotel

The arrangement of activity

1. It suggests that you can arrive in Beijing at noon or in the afternoon, and then check in the booked hotel after getting off the train or airplane. Sambo Courtyard Beijing Youth Hotel is located near the Shichahai. It’s a courtyarddwellilngs in old Beijing which have the country characteristic of Beijing. The transportation is convenient and its receptionist can provided tourism information and lending transportation card, so that it is very convenient for independent travel.

2. After arrangement, you can choose to visit the shopping street which called Da Shi Lan with old Beijing characteristics for the first stop. The retreaded Da Shi Lan keeps many old and famous businesses which reflect the rich flavor of the Beijing business culture. You can visit here by the oldest tramcar-- clang clang car. The price of ticket: 20¥/p

Da Shi Lan
3. You can walk just 2 minutes from Da Shi Lan to the biggest city centre square in the world-- Tiananmen Square, which is the symbol of Beijing and China. Every Chinese must have "witness" about it, but will still excited at there. (You can also visit Chairman Mao Memorial Hall & the Monument to the Peoples Heroes) If you have interest, you can wait for the flag raising ceremony. Suggestion: there is no ticket to Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, but you need to wait in long lines, deposit bags and go through the security check. Opening time: 8:30—11:30 am (Tuesday to Sunday), 14:00—16:00 pm (Tuesday to Thursday). Open in the morning during July and August and closed on Monday.

4. You can choose to have dinner in Quanjude former store (address: 32, Qianmen street, the ordering phone: 010-67011379) Quanjude former store is the origin store of the brand—“Quanjude”, which built in 1864 and has been 142 years. Every visitor to Beijing will not miss the roast duck of Quanjude.

The second day trip
The specific route

Watch the flag rising ceremony in Tiananmen Square--- Calamus River Park (Breakfast: in South Pool Street) --- visit the Forbidden City--- Jingshan Mountain & the North Sea—snacks in Jiumen--- Shichahai (Hutong tour) --- Yonghe Lamasery (Guozijian) --- Bronze Street (dinner)--- return back hotel

Arrangement for activity
1. Watch the flag rising ceremony in Tiananmen Square (advice you can come earlier, the time of rising flag in summer is between 4—5 am)

Tiananmen Square

2. You can come to visit Calamus River Park (free) which located in the east of Forbidden City after the flag rising ceremony, and can have breakfast in the restaurant of South Pool Street.

3. After breakfast, you can go to visit Forbidden City. Go through the main entrance of old imperial (you can find it), walk along the road to the north, the grand groups of buildings make you have the feelings of involved in the philosophical meaning between heaven and earth. Yes, you are going into the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

The ticket of Forbidden City: Peak Season --60¥(1st,April--- 31st, October), Low season--40¥(1st, November---31st,March), women can buy the tickets for half price on 8th,March; children are free on 1st,June; Active duty soldiers are free on 1st,August.
Opening time: 8:30—16:30 (15th, October—31st, March), Stop ticket time: 15:30, Opening time: 8:30—17:00 (1st, April—14th, October), Stop ticket time: 16:00

The quick strategy of visiting the Forbidden City
Mid-way: Meridian Gate— three main halls in Peaceful Gate--- Gate of Heavenly Purity--- the Hall of Union--- the Palace of Earthly Tranquility--- Imperial Garden--- the Gate of Devine Might
East Road: Meridian Gate--- three main halls in Peaceful Gate--- Gate of Heavenly Purity--- Six Eastern Palaces--- Palace of Tranquil Longevity--- Zhenfei Wells
West Road: Meridian Gate--- three main halls in Peaceful Gate--- Gate of Heavenly Purity--- Six Western Palaces--- Cining Palace--- the Hall of Mental Cultivation--- Shufang Mardi

The notes of visiting

1) If you only have half day, it is suggested that you can choose the mid-way.
2) If you are interested in penmanship, please don’t miss Sanxi Hall in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.
3) the telephone of the Forbidden City: 65132255
4) You’d better bring solid food to Forbidden City. It can save more time, because it’s really big inside.

Recommended tour

The Tiananmen Rostrum (main entrance of Forbidden City), the symbol of Chinese supreme power several hundreds years, everyone will takes photos here. The price of tickets: adult 15¥, student 5¥. Telephone: 65243322. Opening time: 8:30—16:30

4. When you go out of the Gate of Devine Might, the opposite of the road is the south gate of Jingshan Park, the sole mountain whose height is 108m in the flat Beijing. It is not only located in axile wire of whole Beijing, but also a protective screen of the palace, which called “Zhen Shan” in geomancy. Wanchun Ting is the peak of the old Beijing, so that you can view the panorama of Forbidden City. The price of ticket: 2¥.
When you can get out of the west gate, you can enter the east gate of Beihai Park directly. Then you can continue visit the beautiful scenery of Beihai Park. Beijing seems like a city which lack of water, but there are actually several big interior lakes. And you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Beihai owns the grace of Jiangnan Garden and majestic of imperial garden. You can skate in the Beihai in winter, go boating in the other seasons, and look forward Zhongnanhai. It is really a good place to enjoy the graceful scenery and the famous Nine Dragon Screen is nearby.

Beihai Park

5. You can choose to have lunch when leave Beihai Park, there are several restaurants (Richang restaurant) in the east of the park. You can also choose to visit the Shicha Lake, which is made up by Qianhai, Rear Sea and West Sea (Jishui Tan). It is considered as the culture vein of capital and the most beautiful and rich culture atmosphere place. And you can taste the unique characteristic snacks—Long men snacks. It comes to Hutong Tour when visiting Shicha Lake. You can book a tandem bicycle or rickshaw (you can budget, rickshaw can guide for you). You can choose to visit: Houhai Bar Street, Yandaixiejie, Yinding Bridge, and Prince Gong’s Mansion, Song Qingling Memorial.

6. It is suggested that you can take a taxi when you leave from Shicha Lake. Then you can go to Yonghe Lamasery, which is the biggest and best preserved Lamaism Temple.
The buildings in Lama Temple are beautifully and ornate, with the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Tibetan architectural art and other unique artistic style blends, there are still a large number of monks practice at here. At the same time you can visit: Lama Temple, Confucius Temple and Imperial College and across the street there is an Imperial College Street, which is the ancient street of four remaining arches in Beijing. The highest institution of the Imperial College is located in the middle of this street, near the east of Temple in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Perhaps the most interesting is a group ShiSanJingKeShi of Imperial College in the period of Qianlong, close to the Confucius Temple Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province.

7. Dinner in Beijing, you can choose the most "hot” food street - Bronze Street. Walk south from the Lama Temple Street to Bronze Street only need 10 - 15 minutes

The third day trip
The specific route

Take bus (919) from Deshengmen---- Badaling Great Wall--- Ming Tombs

The arrangement of activity

1, Suggest that you can get up at six oclock, there are many 919 extension alongside, do not pay attention to, walk all the way to see the bus terminus 919 under the gate tower of Deshengmen, by direct Badaling Great Wall, the fare: 12 Yuan (Hint : to the Badaling Great Wall, not to the Octopus Water off the Great Wall. Along the way there will be many black coaches, do not notice, do bear in mind that can only take to the vehicle 919 whose color is green and white)

Badaling Great Wall

2, after about 1 hour to reach Badaling, ticket: 45 Yuan, if you have a student card can buy for half price. There are a cable car and ropeway up to the mountain, take the cable car to Badaling return is 60 Yuan. Recommend that climbing the Great Wall on foot, may take the pulley down, fare: 30 Yuan.

3, After down from the Badaling, remember to take the 919 slow bus to the opposite Zhan Tianyou Museum (we must remember that the car here, Badaling has two stations, the Express or slow bus), but do bear in mind can only take the green and white of the Grand Duchy of PDI, can not sit next to the yellow "Yin Jian", those who are absolutely informal car. You can get off at Changping West off the island (where you can choose to have lunch), the general car may park at the southwest corner of the island. East to Government Street when you get off at "Changping West off" bus station, where you can take the Beijing 314. 314 passes by God Road, Ming Tomb, Chang Ling, Ding Tomb from the west off to drive around the island is about twenty minutes. Ding Ling, is the only Ming Tombs, which is excavated, open the underground palace, to the Ming Tombs is to see underground palaces, the ticket of Ding Tomb includes a ticket to the museum Mausoleum of the Ming Tombs and you can understand the situation of the other twelve. Tickets:60 ¥ [Peak Season] with students half-price tickets.
Special Reminder: There are free guides in the two exhibition halls of Dingling and the Ming Tombs Museum, careful to find them, there must be a stroll in the museum and the guide can explained to you.

The forth day trip
The specific route

Summer Palace → Tsinghua University, Peking University→ Birds Nest, Water Cube → back to the hotel

The arrangement of activity

1, Take 690 bus directly to the Summer Palace in the morning after breakfast. The Summer Palace is one of the four gardens, an example of imperial gardens. Different from exquisiteness of the small southern gardens, Summer Palace gives the impression of atmosphere. Summer Palace may be regarded as the contribution of Cixi for future generations, but paid a terrible cost. The history of the Summer Palace was severely damaged twice. It was burned down by British and French troops in 1860, then rebuilt, and changed its name to Summer Palace. It had once again been destroyed by Boxer Rebellion in 1900; rebuilt in 1902. Summer Palace is a large, but also beautiful place. We propose that prepared something to eat by yourself, go early and visit it competely. Recommended Routes: from the North palace and climb Longevity Hill, then go through the corridor and visit Kunming Lake, and finally take the ferry to the island from South Lake, then return to the North palace.
Note: Opening Hours: 6:30-18: 00 Tickets: 20 Yuan-- low season (November 1 -3 31), 30 Yuan—Peak Season (April 1 -10 31).

Summer Palace

2, Turn right when you get out of the Summer Palace and then you can see a bus station there, the west gate of Peking University can be reached by bus no. 801,826. There are a lot of "mandarin duck” in the Weiming Lake and it’s very romantic. You can choose to have lunch at the university canteen, it’s very cheap. Stroll through a street when you get out of Peking University, then you can see Tsinghua University. Peking University is near Tsinghua University campus and the two schools are picturesque (not lose than any park), but have their own style. Peking University is quaint, and has cultural relics; Tsinghua is beautiful, the buildings which built in the beginning of the last century are famous. Cultural atmosphere of the two schools could be considered as the most of China.

Tips: 1. Bar: There are many bars whose customers are students around Peking University. 2. Bookstore: Fengrusong Bookstore near the south gate of Beijing University and Haidian Book City nearby are good places to buy books. 3. Eat: Tsinghua University food court, known as "Asias largest dining hall,” you may be full by 3 Yuan and eat well by 5 Yuan. The opportunity must not be missed.

3. You can take bus no. 656, 86 from the east gate of THU to Bird’s Nest. The price of ticket: 50 ¥/p, Water Cube: 30 ¥/p. The half price is 25¥.60 to 70 years older, students, disabled, military service, whom with a relevant document can buy half-price tickets. 70 years old, retired veteran cadres, disabled soldiers, holding the relevant documents can be free. To visit Birds Nest, Water Cube must remember to bring the camera, because it is pretty and spectacular at night.
Bird's Nest

4. You can take bus no. 83 from Bird’s Nest to the hotel directly.

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