Shen Garden Is a Famous Love Garden

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Shen Garden is located between Yan'an Road and Luxun Road,and is less than 300 meters away from Lu Xun's former residence. As one of the more representative of the southern garden, Shen Garden was initially established in the South Song Dynasty, and is well-known for the beautiful and mournful love story between Lu You and Tang Wan. 

It was the second day of the Chinese New Year. It began to snow in the afternoon, so I had to decisively to abandon the plan of visiting the Wang Xizhi's Orchid Pavilion, but to visit the Shen Garden.

Before visiting the Shen Garden, lei’s take a look at the mournful love story between Lu You and Tang Wan. Lu You and Tang Wan were deep in love with each other and got married in 1144. But, Lu You’s mother was not satisfied with Tang Wan. She finally made her son cast off Tang Wan and send her home in 1145. Afterwards, Lu You and Tang Wan respectively got married to other people and lost contact with each other.

Ten years later, they met each other again when Lu You was wondering in a gloomy mood in Shen Garden, and accidently encountered Tang Wan and her husband, who came to Shen Garden to enjoy the spring too. The two met with sorrow as deep as sea. And the deeply-buried love seems to be the hardest word between them. With the agreement of her husband, Tang Wan sent a servant to send food and drink to Lu You as a greeting and then left. Lu You recalled the happy memory, and felt so sad that he got drunk and wrote a Ci poem on a wall of Shen Garden to express his sorrow and regret. Later, Tang Wan saw the poem and wrote one in reply. She was so disheartened that she fell sick and died before long. Her death left an incurable scar in Lu You’s heart. Lu You revisited the garden for many times and wrote a lot of poems in memory of Tang Wan. These poems together with the two Ci poems and the tragic love story made Shen Garden a famous garden.

There are many wishing Ci poems relate to love in Shen Garden.

Magpie Bridge in Dongyuan

There is a pray platform in front of the pool, couples can make wishes after touring Dongyuan, burning incense and praying to the wishes of forever love, and also can hang up a concentric to leave a good wish and witness.

Rockery is a typical feature of the southern gardens…

Chunshui (Spring Water) Pavilion is located in the Nanyuan of South Garden, next to Lu You Memorial Hall.

Lu You Memorial Hall

Banbi Pavilion, within which there are stone tablets, recorded the construction of the Shen Garden. 

Ganjing Pavilion

old well 

Guhe Pavilion, Lu You self-evident

Six Dynasties Well Pavilion, next to the Guhe Pavilion. It is a special pavilion. 

In addiction to the poignant love story in Shen Garden, there is also winter plum blooming in such cold weather.

It snowed on that day. 

I had dinner in a restaurant with the name TAVELLER, whose food tastes and price are all good. 

ethnic style tableware in a restaurant 

words on the wall of the restaurant 

Some useful information of Shen Garden:
Tickets: RMB 40 per person during the day, and RMB 70 per person at night, student tickets is half price. 

Opening hours: 
Day: 8:00 - 17:00
Night: 17:30 – 22:00 

Transportation: take the No.14 or 30 buses at the train station, get off at the hometown of Lu Xun station, and walk 270 meters to Shen Garden. It costs less than RMB 10 to take a taxi from the train station to the Shen Garden.

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