Winter Kanas Travel Strategy

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Do you know what Kanas was like in winter? 

Magnificent and vast snow, crystal birch forest, snow-capped glacial lake, smoke rising from the village, ink Hemu, the fairy Bay filled morning mist, quiet white Haba, and horse-drawn sledge in Tuva… all of these from the superb view of Kanas. 

The winter Kanas is a black and white world, not as crystal clear as in spring, but pure, quiet, lonely, and lengthy.

It is said that the winter Kanas is isolated, only the birds can fly into that world, but by chance, I learned that there were someone else going to visit Kanas during the New Year’s Day in 2012, and I joined them as soon as I got this news.

The winter Kanas can be described as depression, it is very cold, about -40 degrees, if there’s snow storm, the road would be closed. Most of the hotels and restaurants in the area were closed, only left some Tuva people. 

From late October, Kanas begin its early winter, and when come to December, it is a world of snow and fog, below -20 with daily minimum temperatures.

There is a new ticket booth, in front of the fork leading to Hemu, and the package is 170 Yuan, including three scenic areas (Hemu, Kanas, white Haba), of which 20 Yuan is the protection fee for visiting Hemu ancient villages.

Food and Accommodation:
Most hotels and restaurants have been closed down in the scenic area, only a few Tuva people, and should make reservations in advance. If necessary, contact the local drivers. Each bed is generally 60-80 yuan, and mutton is 160 yuan per kilogram, beef is 120 yuan per kilogram, horse meat is 100 yuan per kilogram. There are more beef and horse meat, less mutton in winter. 

Horse-drawn sledge:
Horse-drawn sledge is the main local transport in winter, and each sledge can take 2-3 persons. It costs about 200 Yuan to make a round trip from Hemu to Meilifeng Vilage, and about 500 Yuan for a round trip from Kanas village to Kanas Lake.

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