Music Park: Music Make the City More Casual

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When talking about Chengdu, many people will think of teahouse, mahjong, gourmet, beauties, and alleys there. 

In short when mention Chengdu, everyone has a different answer in mind, has a different understanding of Chengdu. Now, there is a new interesting place, that is, Chengdu Eastern Music Park. Since then, music gives new life and vitality to the red tube factory, and the city is more leisure now. 

The main entrance of the Chengdu Eastern Music Park

Chengdu Eastern Music Park is somewhat similar to the Beijing 798 Art District, reconstructed on the basis of the original Chengdu red tube factory site, the park maintain the original style, with music as the theme, so full of artistic taste. There are various live concerts and a variety of star signings from time to time. So, of course, it is also a good place for music enthusiasts.

Into the park, various works of art are transformed from a variety of plant pipes, screws, and gears, very unique.

musical notes consist of pipes and valves 

water pipes music notation 

In the original pipe coated with a variety of different colors, like the line on the notation

the beauty, playing guitar 

Maybe this police station is the most artistic one 

Waist Drum

transformed from a blower, covered with a variety of guitar

What attracted this girl?

This is the children's favorite

Hey, boys, these artists are playing music…

Shocking instrument, take a closer look, it is composed of a variety of gear and screw.


machine tool

The door transformed from boiler 

Poles of industrial age have become artistic…

The former shipping station in the factory has been transformed into station square for visitors.

the identification of the old factory 

The wall is covered with plants

wall with long history 

A product of industrialization

I don’t know what the feeling of climbing up.

Quotations from Chairman Mao, there are still historical traces retained in the park…

Cadres recorded warning

products of the red tube plant 

There is exhibition of the red tube plant retained in the park, where people can learn the history of the plant, but the younger generation may not understand it.

After transformation, the park streets are full of modern flavor.

creative shop

I do not know what the purpose of putting the car like this, but after looking down, I realized there is a music bar.

The girl in front of the bar, deep in thought

Food Street in Chengdu, of course there are all kinds of food here. In the park, there are varieties of modern musical tea bar, coffee, etc., but no mahjong Oh!

Food Street

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