The Most Beautiful Villages in Guangzhou

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As an important birthplace of national historical and cultural and Lingnan culture, Guangzhou has a lot of ancient villages distributing in the country, and is “living fossil” carrying thousand years of Lingnan history and culture. Because the picturesque scenery of the natural environment, integrating natural and cultural, with different history, nature, geography, folklore, Guangzhou shows a variety of cultural characteristics in different district of ancient villages. So why not come and enjoy the unique Lingnan rural vernacular architecture and folk customs together.

1 Julong Village

Julong Village is located between Longxi and Zhao Village, with a river at the entrance of the village, two lines of old banyan trees on both sides of the river, rural scenery. Julong Village covers an area of over 5200 square meters, with a total of 20 historic houses, which a bit like Xiguan houses.

2 Huangpu Village

Guangzhou Huangpu village is not an ordinary ancient village, but has a deep commercial port historical and cultural heritage. It is a foreign trade port during the Qing Dynasty, a “special zone” where East meets West, and a celebrity men's hometown of overseas Chinese. Hence it occupies an important position in the history of Guangzhou, and already has an international influence. 

3 Little Island Village (Xiaozhou Village)

Little Island Village is surrounded by water, with many rivers and streams in the village, shape like an island, so called “Xiaozhou Village”. Now there are 136 historic buildings existing in Little Island Village. Little Island Village is a typical small ancient fishing village, preserved the natural beauty of the rural landscape, including ancestral halls, temples, gatehouse, the village walls, piers, ancient and old trees.

4 Daling Village

Panyu Daling Village is located in the northwest Shilou Town, and the southwest Lotus Mountain. It has become a village since the early Northern Song Dynasty. After eight hundred years, it gives birth to the splendid culture, contains unique historical and cultural resources. The buildings such as significant ancestral hall, a large Quebec Court tower, Longjin Bridge, Jielong Bridge, etc. within the village have a certain aesthetic and research value on the Lingnan architectural art. 

5 Shawan Ancient Town Village

Shawan Ancient Town Village was built in the Song Dynasty, and has a long history. In the 800 years of development, Shawan Ancient Town Village has formed its unique local flavor of Cantonese culture, and is the outstanding representative of the popular culture in Cantonese. Strong historical and cultural heritage and ancient Lingnan folk architecture is the characteristics Shawan Ancient Town.

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