Go to See Ginkgo in Haiyang Village, Travel Hezhou Huang Yao Ancient Town

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We had planed to go to Guilin to see the ginkgo tree in mid-November, but we were told that the ginkgo tree leaves hadn’t turned yellow, so we finally decided to start our trip from Beihai in December 16, 2011, after 5 hours’ drive, we arrived Guilin. The next day we directly drove to Haiyang Village, where there are two attractions: the large and small paulownia bay. It was about 9:30 a.m. and we were the first tourists in the village, so we were not uninterrupted, and carefully photographed. We had our lunch in a farmhouse in the large paulownia bay. After lunch, we drove to Huang Yao Ancient Town. Huang Yao Ancient Town is 160 km away from Haiyang Village, and it had already been more than 4 pm when we arrived at Huang Yao Ancient Town. 

Let’s have a look at the photos in the large paulownia bay first. 

The small paulownia bay is not far from the large paulownia bay, and this is the beautiful scenery in the small paulownia bay. 

Huang Yao Ancient Town

It was already 16:00 o'clock when we arrived at the Hezhou Huang Yao Ancient Town, so there was not too much time to shoot photos in Huang Yao.

Huang Yao Ancient Town is located in northern Guangxi, Hezhou Zhaoping County, and is 40 kilometers away from Zhaoping and 200 km away from Guilin. Huang Yao is a town with nearly a thousand years of history, originated from Song Dynasty, built in the Ming Dynasty. Most people in the town surnamed Huang and Yao, so the town has the name as “Huang Yao Town”. Now it has been listed as provincial-level scenic spots. Huang Yao Ancient Town Li lies downstream of in River, and has been known as “poetry home”. There are many beautiful landscapes caves in the town, such as pavilions, temples, ancestral halls, old trees…

There are more than 600 households, and eight streets in the town, and most houses keep the Ming and Qing style. As Huang Yao occupies a special geographical location, surrounded by mountains, easily defensible but inaccessible, the village in a semi-closed state, making the old houses, many of the artifacts can be preserved.

Houses are two layers of brick structure buildings, although not as the kind of grand buildings of urban rich families. Houses are very beautiful, with a high level of craftsmanship. Due to time constraints, we just quick walkthrough, hurried shooting some of the scenery. 

At last, we had dinner in a farmhouse in Huang Yao Ancient Town, after dinner, it had already at 7 p.m.

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