Sichuan Zigong Lantern Festival

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Zigong is notoriously the southern lights city, the Millennium salt city, and the dinosaur town. It happened to be the Lantern Festival when we arrived there. There were beautiful lights along the road leading to Lantern Park.

This is the entrance door signs (PS: Zigong Lantern Festival is held here every year since the eighth session of the Zigong Lantern Festival.)

The entrance door was made of small glass bottles which were filled with water. 

First were the marine series after entering the door, this series of lights is called dreaming seaweed, displaying on both sides of the road.

This series were also the marine series, but this octopus can "swimming", rather cute!

There are also corals and halibut. 

The purple octopuses were much cute…

colorful jellyfish and kelp

This is the core of the marine series, a sea pearl, which can change a total of three kinds of colors: red, blue, green)

Turn right, came to a small square, where we saw this "porcelain" first. 

Because Zigong is dinosaur town, so of course there were naturally dinosaur series. 

This series are also called "Panda pay a New Year call", and some of the pandas can move, very cute. 

This series are four fans. 

Magpies and Plum flower

Dragon and Phoenix

This series of lights were composed of two peacocks. 

This series of lights were composed of bundle wine glass and spoons, very spectacular. 

Take a close look at this. 

Carps were playing among lotus. 

Take a close-up

This was a stage for performances, also very beautiful. 

butterflies lights

The coming Year of the Dragon, so dragon lights were ultimately.

Four dragons were playing with a pearl.

four cats

Tulip lights, I like it

Lotus lanterns were the highlight of the lanterns. Lotus would stretch, with a spray of lake effect, as if a wonderland, worth a visit!!!

Lotus reflection in the water was very beautiful.

colorful trees

Zigong's crane

There were other series of lights, enjoy!!!

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