A Bite of Yangshuo

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In addition to sightseeing, our common feeling is the Yangshuo diet. With the intervention of Western culture, competition, and the mature of market, Yangshuo catering industry rose to a new level. The specific is that the price is generally the same, even the shops in the West Street will not in a very high price; better environment; better decoration; more importantly, taste really good.

Since ancient times, Guangxi has been a gathering place of courtiers and business travelers, and thus blend of the eating habits from many places. Rice noodle is a bright business card of food culture inGuilin and even Guangxi, round, thin, smooth, and flexible, a unique flavor. There are a lot of ways to eat the rice noodles, and the most famous four rice noodles in Guilin are as follow: dry mixes rice noodles, rice noodle with beef brisket, soup rice noodle, and horsemeat rice noodle. 

Yangshuo's famous rice noodles shop undoubtedly is the Chongshan rice noodles shop.

Handmade jade dumplings: the skin is made of waxy corn, crystal clear color.

Jiatianxia wonton, very cute! 

Cattle white belly rice noodle: smooth, flexibility, good soup stock.

Acid fried dried fish

Claypot rice is really delicious.

The pepper is to select a relatively large head of red pepper, mix with sesame and peanuts and then deep-fried, extremely crispy and but not spicy. 

Purple french fries fried with chili, very unique.

You can not miss the beer fish in Yangshuo, because it is very famous, and it is really a regret not to have a try. 

Yangshuo Beer Duck

Another sauce fragrant fish

The chunks of iron tofu sell on the push car in Yangshuo West Street.

It is super tender, with a spoon to mouth.

We ate camellia oleifera in a shop which hides in an alley outside the West Street, very humble. It is said that camellia oleifera ahs the effect of weight loss and longevity. 

Vessels of claypot rice, very cute!

Later, in a shop side of Lijiang, 10-minute drive from Guilin area, the boss personally cook this braised mixed fish, which taken from the Lijiang River, absolutely wild, nice and tasty. 

This Yangshuo snail is cooked by the hotel chefs we stayed in. The snail is big in Yangshuo. 

The hotel's chef is very clever, with lots of idea, cooking a variety of dishes, with color, flavor and taste, and full of creativity, the previously mentioned snail cooked from him. 

This is the pumpkin flower soup named to taste by a village woman. 

Soup, fresh, slightly bitter

Garlic pumpkin seedlings

steamed fish

home cooking

A kind of soup made by the cook

You should drink this brand of beer in Guilin

Osmanthus wine

At last, let me introduce our chef, a young guy.


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