Ancient Jinli, Night, More Beautiful

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This time is the rainy season, making Chengdu people love and hate it. The continuous rain to Chengdu makes the summer very cool. If there is Mahjong teahouse, facing the overcast sky all the time will make a lot of people crazy! 

In the midday, finally the sun came out, and the sky became very blue, so beautiful. 

At about 7:00 p.m. the sky in Chengdu became more beautiful, so I carried my camera and walked around the street. 

In the street, many people stopped to look at the beautiful sky.

The sky is as high as on the highlands. 

Wuhou Temple Street 

In front of Jinli

The gate of Jinli

There were so many people. 

quaint Jinli buildings

Jinli arch - When the night falls, the nightlife was just beginning, the flow was also growing.

Jinli streetscape

Late at night, all kinds of lanterns adorn night Jinli.

corridor is covered with the blessings

Under the darkness and light, like a fairyland

A variety of lanterns decorated with everything here.

It was already 21:00, but there were still many people.  These works of art are very lovely.

three heroes of Taoyuan

Shadow Play 

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