Shaxi Ancient Town - the Only Surviving Bazaar of the Tea-Horse Road

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Shaxi Ancient Town is a quiet, quaint, and exquisite town. 

Located in the southwest of Dali jianchuan County, between the Dali Scenic Area and the Old Town ofLijiang, Shaxi Ancient Town is not a large town, and the famous Shibao Mountain is just here. 

Old backpackers said that it is like the Lijiang 20 years ago. If visitors get tired of the hustle and bustle of the Lijiang or Dali, then Shaxi Ancient Town is a good choice for them. 

Some expert said that it is the only surviving bazaar of the Tea-Horse Road. 

It is a little bit absolute to say it is the only one. But Shaxi indeed occupied an important position in theHistory. It was not only an inn on the old road, but also the distribution center of the salt industry. The so-called Shaxi Ancient Town often referred to as the Sideng Temple, with Square Street as its center, the old busiest bazaar of Shaxi. 

The new county road from jianchuan to Shaxi is very smooth all the way. A stone-paved wide pedestrian street guides us for eastbound all the way, towards the old town center - Square Street. There are three alleys in south, north, east direction, leading to three village gate. 

The ancient stage faces the door of Xingjiao Temple. The Ouyang compound is a civil attraction, 50 meters from the West Street entrance to the town, 30 meters after turning left. This is the best preserved house in Shaxi. The most exciting part is the corridor between the first and second door, painted with poetry pictures, as well as the wood carvings on the door. 

Along with visiting the newly restored buildings and the Sideng Market area, in the villages you can see the colorfully dressed women, walk along some tidy alleys between the traditional houses, and look into some wonderfully well-preserved Bai minority-style courtyards. You can rent bicycles to see the area. There are interesting old bridges in the valley.


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