Deluxe Hong Kong Island Tour

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We started at 6:30 in the morning, 7:00 to the port, applying for group check for customs clearance. The benefits of morning clearance is that there will be very few people, almost do not line up, the entire clearance time is less than 10 minutes, generally there are very few people during 6:30-7:30, then gradually more and more. I went to see the MTR tour desk after arriving at Hung Hom Exit C, the place tour Hong Kong guide met our guests we received.

It was 8:30 when we arrived at Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong, the very time for the GRAY LINE to start the group tour. This is the tour desk of the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong.

After reporting the name to the counter, and then they gave us the GRAY LINE OEM, which says “AI”. The tour guide took all the guests to the GRAY LINE team which parked next to the hotel side road, all vehicles are unified stencilled GRAY LINE logo.

I saw there were some materials in the bus, mostly GRAY LINE brochure.

It was a group a total of 27 adults and 1 child, English group. The tour guide ROGER is Hong Kong people, and his English is very good. He can explain the attractions to guests in humor way, with 20 years of experience as tour guide. 

We took the cable car to The Peak first. There was a vice tour guide (Happy Lam) at The Peak Tram, who assisted the work of tour guides, leading the guests to take the cable car, and helped the guests to take photographs at the top of the mountain, etc.

There was about 45 minutes of free activities at The Peak viewing platform, and gathered at about 10:45 at the gate of Haagen Dazs, tour guides explained the gathering location the time.

Aberdeen's environment is very good, sampan boats passed through the cruise ship of Jumbo Kingdom. And you could smell the smell of the sea, next to some old fishing boats. We cruised in a circle about 20 minutes, shuttling between the various old and new fishing boats and fashion luxury yachts.

The next stop was to go shopping in the jewelry factory. First go to see the production process of the jewelery, and then went to the showroom, where we spent about 45 minutes in it.

The last stop in the morning is the Stanley Market, where there was one hour free time. There were many other foreign tourists here, and the snacks here are also very delicious, in fact, many Hong Kong locals are also often come here, affordable, and authentic taste.

It was 14:30 when we returned hotel, Hong Kong traffic is more blockage on Saturday. Took a break and continued our tour. 

Tour Route:
Temple Street - night tour on the open top bus - Bauhinia Harbour Cruise

We had 1.5 hours of free activities in Temple Street. Then took the open top bus to night tour for an hour, even though it was rainy, but tourists still very excited, the trip was from Temple Street to Sky 100. Fortunately the sky was golden yellow after the rain, and also emerged the rainbow, together with the beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour, very beautiful scene. And then all the way back to Nathan Road, Kowloon, luxury Street - Canton Road and finally to the FIRST FERRY Terminal and get off on Bauhinia Victoria Harbour cruise ship.


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