Lazy Time in Lijiang Beam River Ancient Town

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Compared wit the gentle, hustle and bustle and Lijiang, the Beam River Ancient Town is lazy and quiet.

It has been said: If you love a girl, just take her to Lijiang, because it is a heaven; if no one loves you, then go to Lijiang yourself. It is said that Lijiang is a place full of love affairs.

I came not for the love affairs, but the customs and large-scale Naxi style ancient buildings. 

The day of Lijiang is hustle and bustle. So I prefer to stay in Beam River Ancient Town. 

Shuhe is quiet and lazy. Although it is only ten meters away from Lijiang Ancient Town, but away from the tumult of the city, it is authentic, rustic look.

I found an inn and stayed for one night. There was delicious breakfast when we got up in the morning, good! After breakfast, I aimlessly walked along the smooth quartzite road in the town. The doors of every household are surrounded by flowers. The stream flowing down from snow-capped mountains flow over the front of the houses, feel so good. 

The streams in Beam River Ancient Town are crisscrossed and interlocking with each other. The river leisurely flows from west to east. If you lost in the Beam River Road, don’t worry, just walk along the streams like the fish in the river, you will be able to return to the center Square Street in the ancient town.

The most comfortable thing is daze in the sun. Sitting at the open seats of the bar, the sun gently warming sprinkle on the body, next to a babbling brook, as well as willow branch inadvertently brushed the cheek. People from different places to sit together, did not know each other, undefended. In this place, in the sun, you really will stop all the thinking, only innocently in a daze. 

You will complete relax in Beam River Ancient Town, away from the tumult of the city, only to find the heart of a quiet direction. 

Located four kilometers to the northwest of the old town of Lijiang, Shuhe ancient town( Beam River ancient town) was one of the earliest gathering places of Lijiang valley plain region for the Naxi ancestors. It was an important town on the Tea-horse Ancient Road that has been well preserved, and a live specimen of Naxi ancestors' transition from agricultural civilization to commercial civilization as well. In 1997, Shuhe was enlisted by the UNESCO as one of the important components of the "World Cultural Heritage" - Lijiang Ancient Town. In 2005, it was honored as the “well-known township with the best residential environment” in the appraisal event of “Well-known Township of China”.

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