Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall

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I spent two days sightseeing Mutianyu Great Wall during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Bus routes are as follows:
Take the 916 bus in Dongzhimen at about 11:00 a.m. and get off at Huairou North Avenue, then cross the road and turn right, walk about 500 meters, you will see the 936 bus station, take the bus and get off at the Mutianyu island (about 30 minutes), and walk three kilometers to reach the Mutianyu Village.

You can find a farmhouse to stay in first, in the afternoon casually walk around the village, at night to eat the farmhouse cooking, grilled fish, and so on, taste good!

The second day, get up early in the morning, straight hike to the North 10th Floor, and then began the trip to Mutianyu Great Wall, we must go early, the reasons: First, good scenery - the sun just come out, the scenery is magnificent and beautiful! Second, the sun is not so hot at that moment; third, there are few people, feel pretty good! 

Next, walk along The Great Wall, and enjoy the beauty of The Great Wall. 

I started my trip at 5:00 in the morning, and had already went far along Great Wall by 11:00, and then began to walk back, at about 12 o'clock went to the 14th floor, take the cable car down. There were already many people along the way when I went back, the weather became very hot. So once again recommended to go early, to enjoy the beauty of Mutianyu!

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