Jiuzhaigou is Really a Paradise on Earth!

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Many people say, Jiuzhaigou is the world's most beautiful paradise, so I must go and see.

Jiuzhaigou stone

Walk into the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, you will feel like entering a fairy tale world, a paradise on earth. Before travelling to Jiuzhaigou, I have seen countless beautiful scenery, but Jiuzhaigou really touch my heart most. The mountain here is green; water is clear and colorful. The water is static while the cloud is moving, and the scene is changing, beautiful scenery, picturesque, dreamlike Jiuzhaigou. 

There are 118 large and small blue alpine lakes scattered in Jiuzhaigou valley, from valley to peak throughout the primeval forest, and morea dded a sort of beautiful and mysterious.

Jiuzhaigou Valley is rugged, the formation of the falls is thanks to the natural level betweent the lakes, became levels of scattered waterfalls. Pearl Beach waterfall curtain, andthe voice is more forceful, is indeed a must, so it is also the most spectacular.

Sitting in the sightseeing car, you will see the large and small lakes (Hai Zi), the water inside is clear cannot visual depth. The weather is good, so the blue sky, white clouds, snow peaks, and forests are all reflected in the lake, like colorful pictures.

My first impression of Five-Color Pond is beautiful, very beautiful! If not personally see really can not believe it, the pool water has light white, dark green, light green, dark blue, and sky blue five colors, amazing. These five kinds of color in harmony with each other, fascinating, and the colorful stones at the bottom of lake like pearls inlaid in the lake. While the Five Flower Lake is also very beautiful, the beauty of the peacock in the water made me shocked again. Lake blue, many fallen trees staggered at the bottom of the lake, arranged pretty great, the trees were covered with some plants like moss. Looking down form high places, you will find a peacock which is spreads its tail, which is constituted by those trees.

It is also fun at night in Jiuzhaigou, because at night it is still a bit cold, so the locals will ignite bonfire for visitors to drive away the cold. This old Tibetan and Qiang style campfire party is also the Jiuzhaigou Tourism and Culture, I love it very much. The Tibetan and Qiang young people dressed in costumes, in the sound of a piece blessing for visitors to offer white hada. 

Does it look like a big mirror?

The waterfall is also good


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