Encounter the New Legend of Mount Tai - Color Stone Stream

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In fact, it was really an accident for the first time to come across the Color Stone Stream. The reason is very simple, to escape the crowd.

The Color Stone Stream is located at the western foot of Mount Tai. As soon as step into the Color Stone Sream, people can not help but sigh the wonder of nature. In the river under the water suddenly, such as color slab, the colorful marbled scene under the sun is shining at the bottom of stream is exceptionally vivid. Nearly ten thousand square meters of floating rock, streams, color stone blend, like a natural picture, but also dream are magic. The bottom of river just like color slab, a marbled colorful scene, under the shining sun, exceptionally vivid, streams, and color stone blend in nearly 10,000 square meters of floating rock floor, like a natural picture, magic like dreams.

Here, walking on the bottom of the color stone stream, the spring water is incomparable clear, natural and fresh.

The spring Color Stone Stream is very bright in the spring breeze. There are beautiful peach blossom in full bloom all the waterside road.

The summer Color Stone Stream is very gentle and graceful. It shades in the cool shadow of lush trees in the hot summer. Cheerful water combing the branches and plants, gurgling waterfall to express the four seasons in the most wanton passion, cool summer wind blowing streamer.

The autumn of Colored Stone Stream is beautiful and moving. It is the most brilliant season with the romantic autumn winds. In addition to the green color, there are also some other colorful colors, yellow, red and so on, reflected in the bright stream. People can not even distinguish where is the mountain while where is the water, very charming.

The winter Colored Stone Stream is quiet and clam - the silence of Color Stone Stream is particularly quiet, but also more poetic. The hills and woods are covered with snow, the blue ice river surface changes its ice patterns in the difference of temperature between sunrise and sunset.

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