The Revivification of Mantou Kiln

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Mantou Kiln is a kind of ceramic kiln, which began in the Warring States Period, and was the first ceramic kiln (using coal as furnace). Ancient Northern people widely used such kiln, especially in Hebei area.

Porcelain technology is invented on the basis of pottery technology. The firing process of Porcelain and pottery is very similar with each other. But porcelain and pottery are essentially different. 

The blank of porcelain is the mixture of kaolin, orthoclase and quartz. And the surface is also coated with a layer of vitreous glaze, and then calcite at the temperature of about 1200 degrees. The finished product has a characteristic of hard texture and low water absorption, and could give crisp metallic sound.

While the blank of pottery is clay, without glaze or coated with low-temperature glaze, the burning temperature is between 700 degrees to 800 degrees, but a small number of pottery can reach 1,000 degrees. Not as good hard texture as porcelain pottery, but better water absorption.

From materials of archaeological discoveries, the porcelain vessels unearthed in the ruins of the Shang and Zhou are urns, cans, bottles, respect, bowls, beans and so on. They are so far China's earliest primitive celadon. Since then, the porcelain craft gradual developed, from porcelain to white porcelain, then to polychrome. The Tang Dynasty porcelain developed to The Peak.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, polychrome developed. The blue and white porcelain and the Qing Dynasty prime three-color porcelain enjoy an excellent reputation. 

The left one is the Kiln god Tongbin: ceramic fire art, the success or failure, good or bad of ceramics depends on the fire. The right one is the porcelain ancestors Zhao Kai


the brush for water supply

The knife for repair the blank

Abrasive box

blow shaft pot

This is the Zhanmo Ceramics Museum near the urban areas.

Wax figures show the old scene of porcelain industry.

Gourd kiln - the site of Hulu kiln is located in the west of Jingdezhen Yezhu Ridge.

Mantou Kiln

Jingdezhen Old Kilns Folk Expo Area

The buildings of the Ming Dynasty, ancient houses

Performance band, whose musical instruments are all porcelain.

porcelain drum


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