Shixiang Garden - the Birthplace of Lingnan School of Painting

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I thought that I have traveled through all around Guangzhou, until I saw the ShiXiang Garden, a Lingnan cultural relic protection unit, full of artistic atmosphere. It is a quiet and elegant courtyard in the skyscrapers of Guangzhou jiangnan Avenue. 

It was really an unexpected chance for me to come across this ShiXiang Garden. I was walking in an alley west of jiangnan Road, and I thought it was the name of a restaurant, but this road sign is a heritage-oriented board, makes me curious indeed. Along the sign board, I found the ShiXiang Garden, on the other side of a bridge. There is a Lingnan School of Painting Memorial Secondary School beside the river. 

ShiXiang Garden can be said to be the embryonic form of the oldest art institutions, the cradle to culture art talents, and the place of the foundation of the Lingnan School of Painting.

Free entry into the park, I walked through the Xiaoyue piano museum, and the Jinxi Temple. It is said that the garden got its name because there were Jasmine, clover, plantain, and ten other of Lingnan most typical flowers and plants in the garden. 

The art galleries on the side of the ShiXiang Garden is also the gathering place of the arts community of the Lingnan School of Painting, it is said that there are famous painters holding exhibitions to share the art of Lingnan from time to time. 

Address of ShiXiang Garden: No.3 Huaide Main Street, jiangnan Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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