The Charm and Mystery of Shennongjia

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The mysterious line of latitude 30 °link with a string of colorful, breathtaking of the world's natural mystery - the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramids of Egypt, Noah's Ark, the Sahara desert, and Mount Everest. Shennongjia Savage is also stringed on this impressive and mysterious parallel.

Hubei Shennongjia forest covers an area of 3250 square km, while woodland accounted for more than 85 percent, and forest coverage is 68.5%. Shennongjia has more than 3700 kinds of plants and 1050 kinds of animals, and is the only best-preserved original forest in the mid-latitudes of the world, with extremely rich tourism and animal and plant research resources. Our Shennongjia adventure just starts from this verdant green mountain.

There is a sign beside the Dalongtan Pond, reading “Field Site for the Research and Observation of Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkeys”. Here is China's first Snub-nosed Monkeys field research base, and the number of Snub-nosed Monkeys in Shennongjia has more than over 1300.

This lush woodland is the home of Snub-nosed Monkeys, which had been threatened with extinction because of excessive human activities, but now, they are protected well.

Visitors are asked to put on this camouflage uniforms when into the snub-nosed monkey research base.

There are some lovely plants along the way.

Suddenly, I saw many monkeys jumping, swinging and flying in the trees.

The keepers call them to eat food, when hearing the orders, all the monkeys swing over vied with each other from trees.

The leading one is a tall and mighty male monkey, followed closely by dozens of large and little and females monkey, it is estimated that all of these are the children and mates of that monkey.

The Snub-nosed Monkey is very smart. It was playing with peanuts like playing with toys.

Peeling the shell and put into her mouth, and the way they eat peanut is so cute!

The right side one seemed still wary of us.

Estimated that this is the Monkey King, and look at its majestic mighty looks, ah~

Snub-nosed Monkeys' golden hair is beautiful.

pale blue face, big eyes, wide and thick lip, no nose, only two big overturned big nostrils; The head hair of Snub-nosed Monkeys is dark grayish brown, while the neck, buccal, and abdomen hair is red, yellow, brown, while the tail is gray.

This is the most favorite sitting position for Snub-nosed Monkeys: spread out two arms, and two legs!

These two Snub-nosed Monkeys actually fight in order to snatch a peanut

Along this boardwalk, we left the Snub-nosed Monkeys Conservation District.

Rolling hills, wander and endless mist, lush green forests…

Shennongjia is full of magic, while the scenery in Shennong Valley enjoys the most beautiful scenery.

There were still full of could when we left Shennong Valley.

The Shennongjia has original traces of ancient culture, and strong with mountains geographical features.

The three words shine in the sunshine.

This is the road down from Shennong Valley, the beauty scenery photographed from the car.

We watched the local characteristics of the drum performances at the night stayed in Shennongjia.

The poetic rhythm and colorful dance reproduce the beautiful natural scenery of Shennongjia, and thick cultural History, and a vivid picture of Shennongjia people living and working in love.

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