The Skill of Making Grass Dragon

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Jiujiang, Hukou County in July 2012 

Along the way, the billboard is also a landscape.
The Travel Notes to Shizhong Mount written by Su Dongpo is so famous that I visited the Shizhong Mount when I visited Hukou.

There are a variety of strange stones in the Xiangshi Museum, tapped can make sound, composing a beautiful melody, very magical.

The giant grass dragon is a collection as art treasures in Hukou Museum. The grass dragon has more than 600 years of History. In ancient time, grass dragon dance is a traditional festival activity for the local farmers celebrate the harvest and pray for good weather and peace for the old and young.

With the continuation of the age, through the continuous improvement of the ancient artists, and finally formed such grass dragon with straw as the main material, complemented by bamboo material to be the bracket. The grass dragon was also included in the project directory of the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection in 2007.

This man was carefully recording every detail of the grass dragon.

The master craftsman told me that in the preparation of the grass dragon, they will use fresh, section yellow, no broken to be straw to compile the bright color and good quality grass dragon.

Because this craftsmanship takes too long time and needs a great deal of patience, so come to the old master of this generation. Hence, this skill of making grass dragon is only passed to female not male. Therefore, his daughter forgoes the work in the city and come back to the village to inherit his father.

I think making grass dragon need to be able to endure loneliness.

We came to the plaza with the handmade grass dragon made by the old master, to experience the joy of the grass dragon dance.


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