Towering Guoyu Ancient Village

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Guoyu is a castle-village located in Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province, and the foot of Taihang Mountains built in the early Tang Dynasty. It is only a few hundred meters away from the Chen Imperial Village which is known as “the Royal Residence of a Premier”, and the two villages was originally a village. 

Most tourists pass by Guoyu when they visit the Royal Residence of a Premier. Few people will stop to pay a visit this quaint little village. 

Compared to the fame of Chen Imperial Village, there is a unique tranquil and the vicissitudes of a northern village. Many buildings have dilapidated, collapsed, but some of the details still show its former beauty and glory. 

What incredible is that there were 33 Scholars in this small mountain village in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

At the end of Ming Dynasty, this village was besieged four times by Li Zicheng's peasant army, and suffered heavy casualties, so the township official Zhang Pengyun proposed the wealthy businessman to take the lead to set up this 1810,000 square meters impregnable castle in less than ten months.

The walls for defense in the Guoyu Village are the rare cellular walls, built in the eleventh year of Ming Chongzhen, 20 meters high and five meters wide, length of 1400 meters. 

Guoyu Village has 300 years of History, and the walls have been broken. There was a large-scale maintenance in the Republic years. Since the founding of the PRC, the village was severely damaged by the villagers.

1994, the village invested $ 300,000 to repair the right side of the East Gate, Kuixing Court, and Buddha Court. The seven layers of Yu Building is the most worthy of the ornamental building, located in the village center, built in Ming Chongzhen thirteen years, is also the construction of military defense. There is a fort on the walls and tunnels direct outside the city. 

Building and the city is in the same structure, appropriately. The building is in the center of the village, visitors can look over the village from the top.

Tangdi Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, commonly known as the Temple, located in the West gate, 28 meters high. 

The whole temple is divided into upper and lower houses, cutting-edge of the upper house have a stone fence, with a stone staircase can pass up and down. The north side is the main hall, nine houses wide. The upper houses are watching floors, while the under the housing and rooms, south up the stage, under the gate, on both sides of each turret, for storeroom, outside the west side of the Bell and Drum Tower.

The temple was the village community venues, the important things of the village were agreed and handled here. 

The posters on both sides of the stage also become an antique too. 

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