The Highest, Fastest, Largest Ladder in the World

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Tickets: the ticket of zhangjiajie is RMB 248 per adult 

Bailong Ladder is located in the world natural heritage zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area, and began construction in September 1999, and was put into operation in April 2002, cost 180 million Yuan and known as the world's highest, fastest, and the largest load elevator. Therefore, it is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bailong Ladder is magnificent, with vertical elevation of 335 meters, running height of 326 m, using three double-layer exposure sightseeing elevator separated operation, each times carrying 50 passengers, the operating speed of 3 m / sec, three at the same time to run round-trip have the capacity of 4000 people per hour. 

You can enjoy one of the top ten superb views of zhangjiajie by taking the Bailong Ladder, which is directly opposite the Bailong Ladder, and consisted of forty-eight relatively independent peaks, on the top of which there are some small houses. 

Price: one way 56 Yuan, two-way 112 Yuan 

Opening hours 8:00 - 17:30

In case of bad weather or power outages elevator can not run

Having breakfast in zhangjiajie City

Breakfast is hearty rice noodles

Follow the map, never get lost

the morning of zhangjiajie, beautiful

Some ones were sketching in the morning.

zhangjiajie is one of the shooting places of the Journey to the West.

Jinbian Stream

The Minorities headdress is really good - looking

Sit in Rows, listen to the folk songs

I admired the porters in zhangjiajie very much. Their own mountain climbing is so tired, let alone to carry a personal uphill.

The scenery in zhangjiajie

This is the Bailong Ladder, really spectacular.


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