Gangrenboqi Mountain

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Gangrenboqi is located on the west of Tibet, the most famous holy mountain in Tibet, which is reputed as the center of the world by Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon. It earned the reputation of the third highest point in the world because its average elevation is above 4,500 meters. Gangrenboqi Sacred Mountain (elevation of 6,656 meters) was labeled as the first sacred mountain by Tibetan ethnic group. Gangrenboqi Mountain peak is often surrounded by white cloud and is very difficult to get a glimpse of its true looks.
The Peak is covered with snow all year round. The vision and mind power is shocking when you ascend The Peak. The distribution of the four walls of The Peak is in bright symmetry and the round crown resembling pyramid. To date, it is still an unconquered mountain. Gangrenboqi is perceived as the Sacred Mountain by most people.

At the same time, it was perceived as the centre of the world by Hindu, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibet primary religion Ben and Gumaona Buddhism. Gangrenboqi's meaning is “Sacred Mountain” in Tibetan and 'Hindu Lord's Heaven" in Sanskrit. It was also the origin of Ben Buddhism. On the way, there are surpassingly beautiful peaks, magnificent Gangrenboqi Mountain immediately ahead and religious pilgrims, enjoying breathtaking scenery and experiencing local customs and sacred culture. On the elevation of over 4,700 meters, it’s a great risk and ordeal for hikers. Thus, you’d better prepare suitable warm clothes and enough high-calorie food.

Tibet is regarded as the roof of the world, and full of charm and mystery. His charm lies not only in the original natural and exotic strange natural beauty, but also because of his enigmatic History and the god like religious cultural.

To some extent, if you understand the religion of Tibet, means you have learned about the History of Tibet. Gangrenboqi is the main peak of the Gangdese Mountains Trans Tibet.

Every year, pilgrims from India, Nepal, Bhutan and Mainland of China are flooded there. Circling around the mountain is the most common way used by pilgrims from different places. Pilgrimage to the mountain is a long-cherished wish in the life of a Buddhist or Hindu or Indian Jains. But after all I still have the chance to see the Gangrenboqi, the ideal kingdom of heaven for the prayers.


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