Bird Island, A Place Not to Be Missed In China

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Birds happen to be one of the most beautiful creations of the nature. And for the nature lovers, they are darlings. Their sweet singing and mesmerizing voice happens to steal our heart in the natural surroundings. Just seeing a bird fly high in the sky makes us feel delighted and fills our heart with tremendous love for the Mother Nature. Have you ever imagined what it would feel like seeing hundreds of these birds flying and enjoying over a broad lake? This rare and mind-blowing view can be easily enjoyed at this place that lies northwest of the Qinghai Lake. This wondrous world is widely known as Bird Island and is one of the famous and loving tourist spots across the globe.

Most beautiful lake in China
Qinghai Lake is a renowned lake of China and one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. Just towards northwest of this amazing lake is the Bird Island. This island encompasses two islands namely Haixi Pi and Haixi Shan. The former one lies in the east while the latter is situated in the west. Haixi Shan is four times smaller than the Haixi Pi. However, most of the birds of the lake congregate on the Haixi Shan only. Birds from faraway mountains and deserts come here in the seasons of summer and spring to breed. The number increases to over 10,000 in the months of April and May. Of these birds, nearly 85% of the birds lay eggs on Haixi Shan only. Therefore, this island is also known as ‘Egg Island’. This makes the Bird Island a must-see tourist spot.
Natural reserve to protect the birds
One must be wondering that what makes this island so special that birds from faraway distance come at this place in large number. Answer to this question is the physical properties that this island features. The island has flat physiognomy and a very mild climate. In addition, it is quite close to water leading to production of rich float glasses and fishes. Moreover, the environment is quiet and serene, thereby, attracting the birds to inhabit and reproduce. For the visitors to Qinghai, Bird Island is a place which they shouldn’t miss. Interestingly, the island is listed as a natural reserve in order to protect the birds here.
Travel Tips:

If we talk about the transportation to this island, it is very convenient to reach. Anyone in Qinghai can travel to this island on a sight seeing bus from Xining Railway Station, which costs only RMB 35. Also, one can opt to travel by a coach from Xining Coach Station. The Xining Coach Station falls 250m south of the railway station and the travel costs RMB 25 only. Further, if we talk about the accommodation over the place, the island features a good number of hotels and restaurants. Also, there are tent hostels available. In addition to accommodation facilities, there are several entertainment facilities available to make sure that you spend quality at the place. Therefore, for all those who visit China, especially Qinghai, Bird Island should be place that they must not miss.

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