Ma Bufang Mansion an Amazing Tourist Attraction

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China is a land of huge diversity. Largely hailed as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the whole world, it has got something for all kind of people. The country is the third largest country and has amazing tourist attraction sites. One of such sites is the Ma Bufang mansion. Construction of this Mansion instigated in the year 1942 in the month of June and it was finished in June the following year. It had a cost of around 30 million dollars, and was the reserved house of Ma Bufang. The mansion was acknowledged as “Xinlu”, however, also the “jade residence” since the walls of several buildings inside it are decorated with jade. The complex contains of many houses, yards and gardens. The houses in every single yard are neatly arranged and well organized.
Ma Bufang was a Chinese Muslim warlord
Ma Bufang was a Chinese Muslim warlord and he lived in this mansion from the year 1943 to 1949.  In overall, the mansion includes 290 houses conquering 6,000 square meters of an area of 30,000 square meters situated in East Region of the city. Due to its high historical worth and the strong native ethnic culture, Ma Bufang mansion was noted as the local key protection entities of cultural ruins in the year 1986.
There are 7 relative and independent courtyards in the mansion. This comprises of the front yard, the south yard, the middle yard, the back garden and the no.1 west yard, the no. 2 west yard, the no.3 west yard. The design of every yard is gorgeous and creative. The building of houses is simple sophisticated. The entire courtyard is occupied of murk, somberness and enigmatic. 
Description of the various court yards
The first yard, also named the front yard, is made for carrying out the official business and welcoming the guests. This yard has the VIP hall, the jade hall, the west hall and the east hall. There is also an American Hummer jeep in the central of the yard. The VIP hall, known as Beifang, is a greeting place for the national guests which are in minority. Comprising an area of 139 square meters, it is entailed of the right as well as the left wing room. The jade hall is renowned for its walls, which were constructed by placing jade stones or bricks. Inside the hall, there are certain out of print photos and portraits, counting the lone photo of Chiang Kai-shek and Chang Hsueh Liang. The jade hall is the premise of dwelling, which is used for welcoming the guests. Walking into the hall, you can grasp various old photos dangling on the wall. Too, there are the sketch of Sun Yat-Sen and the flag of Kuomintang in the great hall.

The second yard, also named the main yard, is the location where Ma Bu Fang was working and living. Used to be the military and the political center, the main yard covers the livable room of Ma Bu Fang and his son, as well as a house of Ma Bu Fang`s spouse. Also, there are the building of assistant, the south reception room and the north meeting room. 

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