Yuzhu Peak - The Snow Covered Peak throughout the Year

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The Yuzhu Peak is located at a height of six thousand one hundred and seventy eight meters from the sea level. It is situated in eastern side of the Kunlun Mountain. This Peak is in fact located at the intersecting boundary of Yushu as well as Golmud in the province of Qinghai in China. To all the persons who love trekking, it will be exciting to conquer the peak of Yuzhu. It will be for sure the great matter of excitement till the end of their lives and will not come across such a trip in China. Yuzhu Feng is always snow covered throughout the year. Here one can find several glaciers too.

Twenty snow mountains surrounding the main peak

Near the main peak, there are approximately twenty snow mountains that have a height of more than five thousand four hundred meters. At the northern side of Yuzhu Peak, there is Xi Da Tan which is at a height of four thousand and three hundred meters. One can find that most of the glaciers in the Yuzhu Feng are the hanging ones. To get over the well known Kunlun Mountain is very interesting. In the southern side of the Yuzhu Peak, there are various kinds of landforms. It is seen that lot many businessmen from different parts of the world these days specifically particularly request the excellent tour agents to have proper arrangements such that they can definitely visit the most lovely and impressive Yuzhu Feng located in land of China. This will definitely enrich the whole time of travel in china.

Favorite destination for armature and professional mountaineers

The glacier comes to about ten meters. Its end is found to the most perfect spot to have the training for mountaineering. The conditions of road located on the northern part of the Yuzhu Peak are found to be comparatively challenging one. Then too, millions of people from various parts of the world visit this place every year. On the top there are manly three glaciers that mainly slope lead to the zenith. To reach this point, it is very essential to have very good skills of mountaineering. Each of these features of the Yuzhu Feng makes it a very optimal place for the amateur as well as professional mountaineers. Several travel agencies in China have already arranged various types of trips to explore the Yuzhu Feng on the basis of the requirements of the travelers who are addicted to hiking.

Travel tips

The climatic condition of the Yuzhu Feng is that of the continental type. The mean temperature of this peak is less than zero always. The least temperature can even be minus thirty. Because of the geographic location, the eastern side of Kunlun Mountain has become a line of division of various climates between north as well as south of the western China. It has to be understood that location of Yuzhu Peak even creates great complexity in climatic conditions. The south slope is almost snow slope always. Transportation facilities are available regularly. It is best to carry the clothes that will suit the climate and trip. Never miss the view of this gorgeous Yuzhu peak in rain. It is beautiful and a must see spot. 

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