Mount Tai – One of the Five Great Mountains in China

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Mount Tai is an important cultural location situated in the northern side of Tai'an city, in the Shandong province of People's Republic of China. From a tourist perspective China is an enthralling nation with lot of thrilling, exciting, exhilarating and wonderful land which is more than a year to complete a full detailed visit to various culturally, politically and commercially important location apart from the historical important places and land of wonders. The tallest peak in Mount Tai is the Jade Emperor Peak which is having an altitude of 1,545 meters above sea level. This is part of one of the "Five Great Mountains" in China. The mountain is very much associated with birth, rise of sun and renewal and hence considered as the number one among all fiver great mountains.

Inspirational location

Mount Tai listed as UNESCO recognized World Natural and Cultural Heritage center in the year 1987. This is an amazing location that has a combination of Chinese culture and natural beauty which worth enough to visit this beautiful place by all means. The mountain was adorned with various names in the past, namely Mt. Daishan, Mt. Taiyue or Mt. Daizong and finally named as Mt. Taishan. In the good old days, it was a practice to offer prayers to the mountain when a new emperor is crowned as the ruler. It has been noted that there about 72 emperors would have climbed Mount Tai to offer their prayers. Also poets and intellectual scholars would have visited this magnificent location to have spiritual enlightening and inspirations. Various relics with inscriptions, stone tablets and beautifully sculptured temples are an illustrious example to confirm the findings.

Travelling tips:

Entry fee is CNY 125 per head and students will get concession and need to pay only CNY62 per head against proper ID. Bus fare to the middle point is CNY 30 per head. Cable car rate is CNY 100 for one way and return is CNY 200 per head.

Tai Shan is the nearest railway station to Mount Tai. There are more than 100 train services to Tai Shan from different part of China. You can have various forms transportation to select from ordinary passenger or express train services. It is better to book your ticket in advance during the peak season. Also, there are lots of bus services and tourist bus services operating from various cities to Tai Shan the buses can drop you the various entrances of Mount Tai. Buses can take you to the mid-way point and from there people can either hike by foot or hope in to a cable car. The cable cars are operated from 6:30am to 5:30pm. If you can prefer to hike all the way and having an experienced guide, things would be a wonder full experience.

Hiking to the top is good option

On the foot of the mountain is situated at the magnificent Taoist temple, Dai Miao which is built like the Forbidden City in Beijing with various entry gates and halls. If you have the stamina to go for hiking of about 4-7 hours all the way to top of mountain, it is one of the best experiences one can have in the life. Never forget to watch the sunrise scenery while you are on the top of the mountain!

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