Mount Song Is a Culturally Significant Land Mark Location

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Mount Song is a culturally significant mountain in land of China. It is also known as Song Shan. Mount Song is central Great Mountain among the 5 great mountains. It is situated in the province of Henan in southern bank of River Yellow. The zenith of Mount Song is about one thousand and five hundred meters over the level of sea. This mountain consists of many mountains in Dengfeng district. It possesses thirty six peaks and it does stretch sixty kilometers. It is composed of Shaoshi Mountain as well as Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain. The peak with highest point is at a height of one thousand four hundred and ninety four meters over the level of sea. The 7 peaks of this mountain in fact stretch for sixty four kilometer between two famous cities Zhengzhou and Luoyang. The mountains slopes steeply rise from its valley. It is clad thickly with trees and possesses a very impressive look. One of the high peaks is Junji peak which is at a height of one thousand five hundred meters.

Holy Taoist Mountain

Mount Song is a holy Taoist mountain in land of China. Millions of people from different parts of the world visit this place. It has several other significant temples of Taoism like Zhongyue Temple. In addition, this mountain features a very popular and important Buddhist presence. Traditionally, it is considered as residence to Shaolin Temple and also birthplace of the Zen Buddhism. This temple has a large collection of good pagoda forest which is biggest in entire land of China. Here, the Zhongyue Temple is situated. This temple is an ancient Taoist temple if China. Nearby, there is Songyang Academy which is one among the 4 popular academies of old China. Mount Sung along with the vicinity are very much populated with people following Taoism, particularly the Buddhist monasteries. Songyue Pagoda of the sixth century is also situated in Mount Song. In Fawang temple, there are many pagodas that are constructed in relation with the tang dynasty. At foot of Mount Song, there are specifically eight spots in Dengfeng which is regarded as World Heritage spot since the year 2010.

Stratigraphical Structure National Geopark at Mount Song

In this Geopark, there is a Shaolin Monastery. This region is formed mainly by 3 important orogenies such as Songyang Orogeny that are formed two and half billion years back, Zhongyue Orogeny that are formed 1.85 billion years back, and Shaolin Orogeny that are formed five hundred and seventy million years before. All these were named after certain regional attractions in the region. Geopark in Mount Song is also known as the perfect textbook of geological history.
The buildings on Mount Song are in fact the reflections of various ways of perceiving the core part of heaven as well as earth. The real power of Mount Song is considered as core for religious devotion. The natural scenery of this mountain is fine. It has seventy two mountains which are grouped around mountain peaks of Mount Taishi and Mount Shaoshi. The caves, valleys, ponds, waterfalls, and more have made it a wonderful place.

Travel Tips

The opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. The fee to enter is just thirty Yuan. You can get bus from long distance bus station at Zhengzhou. 

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