Qinghai Provincial Museum

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Qinghai Provincial Museum is situated in the Xining City. It is positioned as the national AAAA tourist destination. It is situated in the Xiguan Street in district of Chengxi in the city of Xining. This museum is really a scenic spot of humanity. It covers an area of seven thousand square meters. The area of construction counts to twenty thousand eight hundred square meters and it is made mainly in the attractive Tang style. Its simulation building is having nine halls. The area of exhibition is about nine thousand one hundred and forty six square meters initially. In China, Qinghai provincial museum is comprehensive museum of provincial level. The building of museum was the residence of a regional Qinghai warlord, Ma Bufang. Now, this museum has a total area of thirty thousand square meters and a total floor space of six thousand square meters.

Large collections of historically important relics

The Qinghai Provincial Museum is a historical site which is under province protection. It was built in the year 1979. The construction finished in 1986. It has gathered more than ten thousand items which include stone artifacts, implements of chipped stone from Paleolithic age, bone objects, bronze items of Neolithic age as well as bronze age, ceramics, bronze mirrors, wood figurines, bronze seals, tablet inscriptions, bronze figurines, handwritten scriptures, Persian silver coins in Tang dynasty as well as Han dynasty, bronze drinking vessels, stone sculptures as well as paper currency from Yuan dynasty, calligraphy, porcelain and painting from Qing and Ming dynasties. In all remains of minority nationalities are costumes, bronze seal that has characters of the minority nationalities, imperial mandate that was offered by Qing and Ming dynasties to regional authorities of the minority nationalities and religious artworks.

One can also find the images of Buddha as well as musical instruments that were used in the Buddhist mass. In all revolutionary remains, there are bronze cauldron, briefcases, caps of soldiers that are left over by red army of peasants and workers and China while passing the province of Qinghai and more. The most featured collections are remains of the minority groups, painted pottery of remote ages, religious artworks, etc. in entire collections, there are two very rare items. One is pottery basin that is painted with a dancers’ pattern, 3 dancers’ groups with 5 people each showing a very happy life of highly ancient inhabitants. Another is a pot with a peculiar shape and has a nude figure pattern and also a painted relief figure in full length. Most of the items collected in the Qinghai provincial museum as a history of more than four thousand years.

Ancient relics of Qinghai

This museum held exhibitions of the ancient relics of Qinghai, showing more than thousand items in order to reveals the entire process of huge historical developments in the city of Qinghai from Neolithic period to later society of feudalism. It even exhibits remains of Han, Tibetan, Buddhism, and more. The Qinghai provincial museum is always in research of regional remains of religion, history, folkways and nationality.

Travel Tips

The opening hours are from 9 am to 4 pm every day. The ticket fee is just fifteen Yuan. The suggested time for entire visit is only 2 hours. Hurry up! 

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