Anyi Millennium Ancient Villages Charm

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In the Shibi Town, Anyi County, Nanchang, Jiangxi, there are three ancient villages, which were named the Anyi Millennium Middle Kingdom group, because it is within the jurisdiction of Anyi, in fact, it is more than ten kilometers away from the county. The Middle Kingdom group consists of three ancient villages: Luotian, Shuinan (water south), Jingtai, each village is about one mile away.

Experienced 1300 years of history, this ancient village group still has well-preserved Ming and Qing mansions, about 100 buildings, ancient archways, ancient gatehouses, streets, lanes, wells, pools, old trees spread everywhere. Arrived in Jiangxi, my first stop was the Anyi Middle Kingdom group. There are shuttles directly to Shibi at Nanchang Hongcheng Bus Station. The ticket is 21 yuan, about a half an hour drive. There is a tall sign when approaching the town at the side of the road welcoming visitors.

As a scenic spot, of course there is a ticket office selling tickets: ¥30 per person.

Walked along the small concrete road, I first came to the Luotian Village. Outside the village, there is a hollow old tree surrounded by railings, had died.

I am always like the winding paths, towering walls, stone paths, stone lintels, carved doors and windows, etc. in ancient villages and towns.

Luotina Village 
So far the village has a history of 1200 years. All the villagers are surnamed Huang, and it is said that they are the descendants of Zhurong Emperor. The village is the necessary land for pilgrims to pilgrimage to the Xishan Longevity Palace, here was once gathered store and Traders, very prosperity.

In the backyard of “Shididaifu”, there is a sassafras tree still lush foliage, dating back 1,200 years of Tang Dynasty. 

I heard that this ancient village is also known as the longevity village, because there is an old well in the village, and most people who have drunk the water from this well will be healthy, someone even 90-year-old, no wonder got this reputation.

Baifu Diagram

It was rather cold at that time, so there was little people in the street, shops were also closed. This old village seemed very depressed in such season.

Shuinan Village

This village is the descendants of Luotian Huang. This village has large-scale of historic houses, elegant decoration and fine carved, lifelike, stunning, stop at historic houses and hanging out at the ancestral hall, faintly audible echo of the old history.

There is a well-preserved Xiulou Building in the village, which was a building of a rich family.

Xiulou Building is consisted of the hall building and gallery building. The second floor around the courtyard is the winding corridors, all with woodcarving decoration, very beautiful and elegant. After all it was the living room of rich family.

Yuqing Hall means annual surplus, and the 36 carved fish on the sash is a symbol of 360 days of a year (in ancient times, a year was based on 360 days).

Huang Ancestral Hall

Jingtai Village

This village has 1400 years of history. The villagers surnamed Liu and Li.

ancestral hall

stone arch

ancient stage

There is a row of houses in the backyard of the ancient stage, maybe these houses were the school or educated youth hostel.

Rows of old shops of the Ming and Qing, selling trinkets and souvenirs

Walked into some people living old houses, and the residents of which were just looked at me for a while and then continue to do this own things.

The portrait of the ancestors hung in front of the hall, the archaic narrow tables, chairs, dried fish, dried meat etc. hung under the eaves, cluttered belongings and farming implements, mixed with some modern elements: household appliances... 

a quiet charm of the ancient village

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