Enjoy One Night in Shuanglang

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I have been to Dali twice: one time was on the way to Nujiang Grand Canyon, when I stayed in the ancient city for one night; while the other time I drove my friends around the ancient city, and had a lunch there!

I didn’t plan to go to Dali in this trip to Yunnan, but encountered a traffic jam on State Road 214, so I decided to go to Shuanglang, and stayed in Erhai for one night. 

Shuanglang is a small fishing village on the east coast of Erhai Lake, but it become popular among the backpackers these years for the simple reason that, because the new life of petty bourgeoisie there, which is related with an inn named “Haiti Life”.

If not to book in advance for such a well-known inn like “Haiti Life”, it is often difficult to have room, but I was lucky enough, there was happened to be an available sea view suite, ¥ 280 a night. 

The road along the Erhai east coast is paved road, but when to the village, the road become bad, and even the famous Shuanglang is no exception.

“Haiti Life” is not easy to find. Firstly, it is not in the Shuanglang town, but in a place called Dajianpang village outside the town; secondly, it hide deep in the village, because the car is not allowed to drive in the village, I had to park my car outside, and then asked the way to “Haiti Life”

The courtyards of Haiti Life line up along the coastline, where the vision is very open, without a shelter, only a puddle of water, and then the vast sea far from. It said that the east coast of Erhai Lake has the best scenery, which is right enough!

I checked in and headed for my room. 

There is a courtyard covered with gravel when come out of the inn; in a corner of the courtyard, stood a lot of canoeing and cycling, which add a lot of the flavor of youth and vitality to the courtyard.

Turned left, there is a small inn bar and book store, built by red brick, the back corner of an earthen oven, wooden bookshelf stocked with books…

Turned right about 12 steps is the viewing platform of the inn, two layers, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and the wonderful sunrise and sunset in Erhai Lak. 

Unconsciously, it was the dinner time. I set up the stove to eat barbecue, baked potato, baked marine fish, and roasted vegetables in the courtyard of the beach.

After dinner, I stood in the waterside viewing stage, and shot the splendid stars in the night sky.

The night of Shuanglang is so quiet, in addition to the occasional dog bark, only the sound of the wind and waves on the sea shore.

Morning, when the day had not bright, I got up and dressed, waiting for the magnificent moment of sunshine. 

The pre-dawn Erhai Lake had no water wave. The ray finally dyed red the ridge of the East, and the clouds.

In the morning, a pair of young lovers rent a boat to the center of the sea. 

Day shone, I drove along the new road of Erhai Lake. 

There was smoke curling rising in the beautiful coastal Bai residential. A dead tree forest line up from high to dwarf, the sun sprinkle on the sea, a boat… a natural ink painting. 

The sun just lit up on a bend in the immediate road. 

The sun became brighter and brighter, it is the cloudless blue sky above Erhai Lake, under the clear sky, the blue of Erhai Lake is exceptionally deep. 

I really didn’t want to go, and live a leisure life in Erhai Lake.

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