Travel from Ancient Culture Street to Sky Tower in Tianjin

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It was the first weekend after the spring festival holiday when I went there.

Shoes on the wood cart, both are handicrafts. 

All kinds of decorations

Take a look at children beside the door, very Chinese style.


The ripe pear cake is hot to sale, very popular, so does the tea soup, but I didn’t taste at all. 


The feather duster is also a life essential.

This side of Antiques Street was crowded, while that book market was about to close the shop. 

This hangtag was very interesting.

All kinds of seals

I bought one, so cute and lovely. 

Lantern Festival was coming soon, kids love these flower lanterns most. 

The crosstalk Museum hadn’t open, so let’s have a look at the introduction at the door first. 

Follow the crowd…Tianhou Palace was under maintenance and temporarily not opened to the public. 

There was a variety of delicious food and interesting to have fun at the Opera Tower Square.

taste some ginger candy

then play the clay figurine

Look, this is one of the famous comedy actor-Zhao Benshan.

a live demonstration

authentic blown sugar

sugar painting

Walk through the pedestrian bridge, change to other architectural style

Down the steps, onto the ice surface, go skating!

I was waiting for my friends while skating. 

Left the Ancient Culture Street and walk through the Sky Tower to take a look at the whole picture of Tianjin city. 

Boarded the 253-meter-high Sky Tower, and glanced Tianjin City 

I could not find the four cardinal points in Tian, which located in Bohai Bay.

Though the weather was not very well, but it was sunny, after all.

Water Park and Water Drop -- the Tianjin Olympics center stadium 

People are as ants and vehicles as toys when viewing from high altitude to the ground. 

People enjoyed themselves skating in this park.

Since it was not dark, I quickly went to the Italian Town.

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