Xiamen Shapowei Sheltered Dock

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It was really a beautiful accident to come into the Shapowei.

The next morning in Xiamen, I inadvertently saw it on the balcony of the residence apartment, and went into this Xiamen's oldest sheltered dock with a strong curiosity. The part of Siming South Road between Yanwu Road and Dashengli railway and near the waters is called Xiamen Port or Xiamen Harbor in the old Xiamen, and the Shapowei sheltered dock belongs to a part of Xiamen Harbor, as well as the most divine place in Xiamen Harbor. It is the birth place of Xianmen, the cradle of the city, with too many childhood memories of Xiamen people, has witnessed the growth of generations of Xiamen, after years of baptism, quietly elegance fade.

Shapowei sheltered dock hide behind the University Avenue, in front of Yanwu Bridge and adjacent to a Gallery. It is not easy to find without a careful inquiry for the direction. I went to the Shapowei three times in this trip in Xiamen, morning, noon and evening for a time. I find evening of Shapowei is the most attractive. The Shapo sheltered dock seems to have lost the busy scene, a bit dilapidated and desolate, gradually been forgotten. An expanse of water, the air mixed with the taste of the sea.

There were dry clothes on the roadside, parked garbage truck in the street, and a barking puppy. Surrounded by irregular residential buildings, the road is very narrow, very crowded house, humble and somewhat dim. In the sunset, I saw the elderly walking on the shore stone road, returned home fisherman, and I hoped time could still at that moment. Here, the most authentic Xiamen, the oldest Xiamen.

This evening, I walked in the history of old Xiamen.

Outside the ship, the sunset was just like blood. The sea breeze carries a faint taste of the sea.

Hold my breath for fear to disturb the beautiful scenery

The old house has witness the sunrise and sunset of the Shapowei 

Suddenly, I discovered the sunset had brandish in the front.

The vines climb up the walls, which was piled up by the red brick rock, so lively and lovely.

As if ride on a time machine, went to the old days of Xiamen.

It was very quiet at that moment. 

Viewed the Shapowei from the apartment I stayed, and found Shapowei is still quietly exists among the emerging high-rise buildings. 

I carefully walked down the section of a bridge.

Shapowei, though a bit dilapidated, but that the thick solid pulling ropes seem to tell its former glory.

The front yard in the afternoon, the house is old, but contains a unique heritage, showing a simple folk.

The small inner courtyard of a family, though dilapidated, but also full of the flavor of life.

In an obscure corner, I saw this posted on the board, the contents has already blurred, like a wrinkled old

Looked up and found there were some kites in the sky.

There is unknown flower in full bloom at the roadside.

Only a few fishing boats still park here

Has been guiding the way forward, quietly waiting to the sea again

I had breakfast in a restaurant of Shapowei, the food tasted well, and the price is reasonable.

Shapowei address: the red zone is the location of Shapowei people, take away the face, leaving history in an obscure corner.

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