Wondering about Spring Old Street from Furong Street to Baotu Spring

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Dough Sculpture: Jinan folk customs

Charcoal Painting: stroll in the streets of Jinan during late winter, followed in the footsteps of spring, to find the customs of old Jinan.

Freshly made fried bread: there is no need too many reasons to fall in love with Jinan, just a piece of bread

The Zhang Family Courtyard behind the Furong Street - Jinan is bustling but also quiet. Furong Street is bustling, while the Zhang Family Courtyard is quiet. 

Photo Exhibition of the winter swimming enthusiasts

Although the air temperature is below freezing, but the cold weather did not affect the winter swimming enthusiasts to swim in the pool of Wangfu.

Furong Street gathers China’s most special snacks here, and can be regarded as a snack street in Jinan.

There are mainly young people in the street. Every day at noon, employees in the office buildings mostly come and eat here. So it is the busiest Daily place at noon.

The flavor signboard, in fact, there are many similar signs in the street.

Because it was not the meal time, relatively speaking, there were not too many people. 

Baotu Spring lantern sets. Only at night, these lights show their charming.

The peep show in the Baotu Spring Park, a kind of folk performance, RMB 10 for each show shadow play

There were quiet many people enjoying the show.

The Qianfoshan temple painted in crayon, in an exhibition room in Baotu Spring 

Dough Sculpture

Dough Sculpture of spring festival 

Dough Sculpture of making dumplings

fine gourd carving

Macro carvings inside the exhibition hall, in the Baotu Spring scenic spots 

old books 

Hey~ girl, take a photo with the big pillar.

shadow play

This little girl wanted to play water, but her parents were worry about her, because they were in the Suyu Spring. 

The monuments of Jinan Massacre - inside the Baotu Spring scenic spots

The historical records pictures of Jinan Massacre 

monument of Jinan Massacre

The manuscript of secretariat of Government of the Republic, which recorded the situation of Jinan Massacre

Memorial Hall of Jinan Massacre

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