Asia’s Largest Market - Two Thousand Years Ago

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There is a market near the Aitiga Square selling hats, silk, and other stuff. In fact, there are many markets distributed throughout the urban and rural streets in Kashgar, but the most famous is the Dongmen Bazha.

Left Aitiga Square, we headed for the famous Dongmen Bazha. Along the way, we saw the Uygur young man, the iron shop, mutton stalls, and even tasted the Xinjiang flavor of lamb buns.

Kashgar is a shortened form of the longer and less-frequently used. Its original language includes Turkic language, ancient Yilan language, Persian, and other language, means “all kinds of brick building”, “jade central place”, “start-up”and other different explanation.

Kashgar is a multi-ethnic region, mainly: Uygur, Han, Tajik, Hui, Kirgiz, Ozbek, Kazak, Russian, Daur, Mongolian, Xibe, Manchu and other 31 ethnic groups.

The full name of the big Kashgar Bazha is the International Trade Market in Central and West Asia, also known as the Dongmen Bazha, in Kashgar City, the northeast corner of the east coast of Tuman River, and is largest international trade market in Northwest China.

Kashgar is the historical and cultural city on the ancient Silk Road, as well as the commodity distribution center. The Bazha here has more than two thousand years of history so far, and was Asia's largest market in ancient times. 

Wusitangboyi Road near the Aitigaer Mosque

There are a row of shops along the Wusitangboyi Road, mainly selling hats. 

Ethnic girls’ favorite socks

a variety of hats

People were carefully selecting winter hats. 

Look at this old man, he had bought a hat and he checked it carefully after walking out of the shop. 

Four Uygur young men were pushing a clothing stall and walking in street. 

iron shop

All kinds of stuff in the market

The new house 

Xingjiang Nang, which can be seen everywhere in Xingjiang

the Nang baked in the stove

beef and mutton stalls in the street 

They were chopping beef stuffing.

Here, the lamb buns

The gate of Dongmen Bazha

Dongmen Bazha

There were lots of motorcycles outside the Dongmen Bazha.

The elderly caught a donkey cart to sell vegetables

Stalls outside the market

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