Shaoxing Yangshan Stone City

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Yangshan Stone City is a scenic spot featuring cliff and rocks. It is located at the northern suburb of Qixian town, Shaoxing County, and was one of the places to shoot the “Journey to the West”. The western area is stone scenic spot, while the eastern area is the stone Buddha scenic spot, with a total area of 88.5 hectares. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of stones and rocks were mined for the construction of the Qiantang River Seawall. After millions of years of exploitation, nature leaves the natural rock formations, wonders, cliff and buttes here.

Yangshan Stone City belongs to a part of Yangshan scenic areas, but does not charge entrance fees. It is in a loose management and could barely see the staffs. At present, the construction of this scenic area is being planned.

There are numbers of stones, cliffs and pools in Yangshan Stone City.

Sanzo Hoshi and his disciples once passed here and headed for Fengxian County.

The stones in the mountain are ups and downs, with stone paths, steps. It is a famous stone scenic spot. 

Located in the west of Yangshan, Stone City is surrounded by buttes and cliffs. 

The rocks are in all kinds of different color, looks very harmonious.

Camels peak

The future Yangshan Stone City tourism development will base on the original ecological protection, and will carve Hill Road cliff scene wall and relief of 100 Buddha statues.

The most middle of one is the thumb peak.

Another part of the relief scene wall 

Cliff recorded the years of Historical Records

Rocks are in the shape of different styles and sizes, extraordinary momentum. 

This should be the ancients left behind, does not seem any traces of man.

The stone tablet outside the Yangshan scenic areas

I climbed to the highest point of the Yangshan Stone City and shoot te farmland and the houses nearby.

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