Unexpected Encounter with the Icefall

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There was no snow these days, and was really dismal. 

This dog was sitting on the large chunks of icy by the Yongding River.

Walked along Yongding River to the Anjiazhuang Village, I found some big blocks of ice in the river were rushed to a small stone bridge.

We would just played on the shore, and then go to a farmhouse to eat something, and then we found there were someone carrying a bucket of spring water from the bridge down the canyon out, so we guessed there must be something interesting in the valley, bingo! There was really spring waterfall, but also the icefall in the valley! 

We did not go far and saw some locals were carrying the water. It is said that the water here is famous. The chilly and sweet spring water is the best water to make tea, so there are many people coming here all year round to fetch the water back home. 

After walking two or three hundred meters away, we looked up and saw there was white ice hanging suspended in the air.

Turned around, then that 30 to 40 meters high ice waterfall came into my eyes, spectacular!

Icefall climbing, so exciting!

Barbecuing while climbing, interesting!

We just sat on the stone, enjoyed their happy. 

This small canyon is called Qingliangjie, and there are many tourists coming to see the icefall here.

There are two icefalls in this canyon, look, they are so professional!

Some people climbed up from the bottom while other people climbed down and from the above, people who doing this exercise must have professional equipment and experience, and it was very exciting just watching.

After having dinner at the farmhouse, we went to see the ice by the Pearl Lake, the upper reaches of the Yongding River.

This so-called Pearl Lake is actually the Wozhu Reservoir of the Yongding River. There is a village called Xiangyangkou village, surrounded by green mountains and clean river. It seems villagers live a good life by tourism. 

In terms of breaking traces of Pearl Lake, the ice collapse down to at least two meters and is estimated to be due to downstream water.

Left the Pearl Lake, we headed for Yanhe City, which was built in the Ming Dynasty.

The city walls were fortified by the locally produced red rocks, very solid.

It is a small place, but was preserved better than Changyucheng, there were originally two gates, but only one left now, that is the western gate - Yongsheng Gate.

There are many fortresses near by.

the No.4 fortress

This fortress is persevered quiet well. 

another fortress 

The No.5 fortress is slightly larger than the No.4 fortress, and we were told that there is a No.3 fortress 500 m away, but we didn’t went to see it. 

Suddenly, there is a lively and active cattle broke into my lens, frightened me!

Well, it could be said this trip was worthy.

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