Walk into the Leisure Qiantong

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Somebody describes Qiantong: it is different from other ancient towns, not only well-preserved, but also gives people the feeling of simple, profound, with strong human spirit and the eastern Zhejiang town charm. The sculptures and patterns on some ancient buildings in the historic town fully reflect the pursuit of their predecessors in the art form. 

People must transfer to Ninghai from Ningbo: take the No.10 bus at the Ningbo Railway Station and get off at the South Bus Station, and then change bus to Ninghai, the fare is about 30.

The place to get off at Qiantong is just the Mount Lushan's mouth, if time permit, people can climbed to the Mount Lushan, where you can enjoy the panoramic views of Qiantong. 

Mount Lushan has an altitude of only 39 meters, if you are good in physical strength, you do not have ten minutes to reach the summit, overlooking the Qiantong ancient town: blocks of historic houses and rows of alleys, just a pieces of ink, if it is just during the meal time, and that lingering smoke…like a paradise in front of you.

Down from Mount Lushan, buy a ticket to get into the ancient town, you will feel as if came into another world, it is busy and nosy outside the town just now, but it is quiet here, and the life is comfortable, leisure. 

You will easily get lost when walking in Qiantong,because there are winding roads and alleys, in a Chinese character “回” layout, the streets are extremely narrow, while you are walking in the town, you will feel as if in the Maze. Qiantong is the same with the other ancient towns in China, but has different views.

Qiantong is the extraordinary original of Southern Yangtze in Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as a strong rhyme of rural painting. Qiantong is famous for its peculiar residential layout, the well-preserved ancient Ming and Qing buildings and talented there. 

The Lantern Festival is the busiest time in the whole year in Qiantong, when every household decorated with red lanterns. The Lantern Festival of Qiantong is to commemorate the contributing ancestors.

Today, the life in Qiantong is slow and leisure and you will unconsciously slowed down your steps, bask in the sun, chat with the local, and enjoy that slow down good days.

The Monument to the Martyrs on the peak of Mount Lushan

The standing on the peak of Mount Lushan, overlooking the ancient town of the Qiantong

Location Map of Qiantong town

This is the door of a dwelling, isn’t it very impressive?

The empty main room, it should be used to worship

Housing is also the construction in form of the courtyard 

perfect match

Here, if we ignore the photographic equipment on the body of visitors, you can not tell who visitors are, and who the residents are.

Wharf wall of the southern town building

The filming place of the film “a barber”

The chair and mirror in the film still on the wall 

And the cigarette advertising of that era

Walk alone in this alley, like walk in the runway of a space shuttle

Qiantong town streets were decorated with red lanterns, very attracting.

There were many visitors

But the street would be empty not for a while, and return quiet back. 

Sculpture of the roof

Folk Museum

Woodcarving: plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum

The baby shaved the filial piety hair 

The wood carving of the Qiantong is the local character, look at the carved ancient bed, isn’t it elegant?

Qiantong wood carving

Qiantong's life is real slow life, their laundry without a washing machine, there is no modern equipment.

Warm sun in the afternoon, I envy the old men in the sun.

There are also naughty boys and leisure young people in the afternoon.

The elderly walked in an alley, and you will fell as if back to the old hometown.

In the afternoon, in the warm sun, everything was static. I quietly came to take a shot this dozing elderly, which touched me a lot. This is Qiantong, where you will forget the zone and the time. 

Qiantong three treasures: old Tofu, hollow Tofu, smoked bean curd, due to its unique taste and a rich historical value, and collectively referred as the Qiantong three treasures.

a strolling cock 

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