Colors of Kanas Lake

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Kanas Lake is a sign of Kanas, as well as a place where every tourist must visit. The perfect construction can take visitors directly to the lake by a shuttle bus, but as a result, people may overlook the wooden plank beside the lake.

You can enjoy the beautiful Kanas Lake by walking along the lake. 

The lake is divided into two parts by the simple bridge: the water of Kanas River downstream, giving birth to the famous Moon Bay, Wolong Bay, gathering the holy ice and snow on the Friendship Peak, combined with the difference between the sun and the seasons, creating a magical monster-infested lake.

Standing on the bridge, no matter where to look around, you will feel the magic of changing water color.

The blue in the morning is more pure, while that in the evening is much deeper.

I like the green water droplets splashing in the evening, and the somber tone in line with my lonely mood.

natural wonders formed by different shades of the lake water and the plants on the shore

Though very tried after two days trekking, but I was still want to enjoy the beautiful scenery by waling along the bridge in the evening. Rows of trees made the Kanas Lake looks green. 

Seeing such scenery... except praise and appreciation, what else can I do?

Different shades of bottom make the lake show a different and uneven color.

Unconsciously walked to the end of the road, only to find the vast lake is the source of beauty.

The chic on the boats and luxury-star toilets just make me frustrated, I just wanted to look for a rock to sit quietly and feel the cool blowing breeze, listening to the echo of rapids collision, to wait for the sun to break through clouds.

I left without any souvenirs or regret, leaving the merchants loud cry, the famous View Fish Pavilion, and my sigh…

As the development of the scenic area, the simple Tuva people also start a business, and the most primitive tribes on the tourism guide have become shops and rooms.

Right now resumed a quiet village, if you came to Kanas, do not hurry to leave after seeing the Kanas Lake, please stay, looking for a Tuva cabin to stay. Every time see these beautiful log cabins, I can not help thinking of the dream world in fairy tales.

The clothes drying on the grass reminds me of a princess in the fairy tale. 

After nightfall, I drank a bowl of brewed milk wine with Tuva who love drinking wine under the stars in summer night, listening to a melodious music, and the ancient history of Tuva and the mysterious of the mural carvings. This is all my tonight, quiet, comfortable, all natural.

Gorgeous sun had dispersed the night's cold, and the quiet mountain village covered with brilliant glow, just like a golden coat.

Children were still sleeping in the house, and the men have already ridden away in the morning. Listening to women's working in the kitchen, I left this beautiful tribe.

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