Encounter The Unique National Festival in Jiangcheng

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Jiangcheng Hani and Yi Autonomous County is located in southern Yunnan, bordering on two countries: Vietnam and Laos. It is the only county bordering on two countries in Yunnan. Jiangcheng lying is based on the hill overlooking the river, surrounded by green hills and clean river. There are totally 25 ethnic minorities in Jinangcheng, and the local people maintain their unique original customs.

The International Color Cattle Contest was held on December 10, 2011 in Jiangcheng. Artists will make full use of their imagination about the cattle and awareness of three countries’ culture (Vietnam, Laos and China), interpreting on the cattle with the brush.

Color cow is also known as color painting on the cow, which can be regarded as a wonderful folk art. The original intention to do so is to prevent the cattle swallowed by wild beasts, and then gradually evolved into cattle body painting art, so it is the brainchild of three countries people, with a fusion of three countries cultures. Because of its short-term and can not be copied so has been called the most regrettable art. 

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